Presidential Statement on Diversity

We are now, in part, all citizens of a Global world, and that interdependence requires a global consciousness. An appreciation of cultural, group, and individual differences is now more important than anytime in our history as a people. At Pacifica, we place great importance on cultivating cultural competence in our students

Establishing a welcoming environment here at Pacifica, where all our students, faculty and staff feel heard and valued is primary to our achieving our goals and is part of our institutional mission. Pacifica is a learning environment where difference feeds open, creative and intellectually expansive dialogue that moves our understanding of the human psyche forward.

Pacifica students and our graduates serve a variety of people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Our learning environment and curriculum prepares students by offering them a variety of different cultural experiences and competencies. Students learn to engage in an empathetic and meaningful way the complexity of what it means to be a global citizen and to fulfill the Pacifica mission of tending to the multiplicity of soul in the world.

From my own experience, when there is cultural, gender, age, learning-style, and geographic diversity in the classroom, the learning environment is "sparked" by multiple perspectives. It is then that the best of what lives at the core of depth psychological inquiry is manifest. Teaching and learning become animated, informed, and particularly stimulating intellectually and emotionally. We discover what is most valued and unique in our human experience.
- October 2009