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What is Logos?

To review and improve our academic effectiveness, a new web-based evaluation framework designed by Tk20 was selected last fall by the Institutional Assessment and Accreditation Committee (IAAC), comprised of Pacifica faculty, staff, and administrators.

Broadly speaking, this framework creates an infrastructure that streamlines data collection and provides customized reports we can use for our own inquiry and for accreditation.


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For questions regarding the Tk20 system, please contact:

Pacifica IT Support

Phone: (805) 679-6199  


Why is it important?

This system supports ongoing discussion through greater visibility into educational processes. Reflection and dialogue then can better inform our need for changes, help us track and evaluate our actions, and overall, deepen our ongoing efforts to learn more about our education effectiveness.

How does it directly affect students?

The Logos system will enable students to participate in and manage a variety of assessment activities.


Course Evaluations

Students are asked to provide thoughtful feedback about their learning experience in each class through course evaluations. During a specified period of time at the end of a course, students are notified by email to sign into Logos to fill out the evaluations electronically.

The anonymous feedback is reviewed by course instructors, program chairs, program faculty and staff, as well as in comprehensive reports at the institutional level. Course evaluation feedback can be used to adjust content, assignments, and teaching methods, as well as curriculum.

Students also are asked to reflect on ways they have engaged with the learning process.