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Angry Young Men: How Parents, Teachers, and Counselors can Help "Bad Boys" become Good Men. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishing, (1999). Chapters: Falling Through the Cracks at School | Drugs and Criminalization
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Gender War, Gender Peace: The Quest for Love and Justice between Women and Men. with Elizabeth Herron. NY: William Morrow and Co, (1994). Selected Excerpts

Knights Without Armor: A Guide to the Inner Lives of Men. Los Angeles: Jeremy P. Tarcher, Inc., (1991); NY: Putnam and Sons, (1992); Santa Barbara: Indigo Phoenix Publications, (2003). Ch. 9: Male Psychology

Book Chapters

"What It Is Like To Be 'Served' in The System: A Personal Reflection." Medical & Legal Aspects Of Child Sexual Exploitation: A Comprehensive Review Of Child Pornography, Child Prostitution And Internet Crimes Against Children. Eds; Angelo P, Giardino et al. Maryland Heights, MO: GW Medical Publishing. (2003), at press.

"The Social Ecology of Youth at Risk," Conscious Activism. Ed. Andrew Beath, Malibu: Earth Trust Press. (2003), at press.

"A Father's Place Is in the School." in Parent School: Simple Lessons from the Leading Experts on Being a Mom and Dad. Eds., J & L. Biderman, NY: M. Evans and Company, Inc. (2002).

"Seeing Red: In A Dark Night Of The American Soul." Eds. Dennis Slattery and Lionel Corbett. Pacifica Graduate Institute's Anthology of proceedings from Psychology At The Threshold, (2002).

"Prisoners of Our Imagination: The Boys Inside the American Gulag." Meditations in the Field, Eds. Dennis Slattery and Lionel Corbett; (2001). Daimon Verlag; Germany


"Liberation Psychologies: An Invitation to Dialogue" with Dan Hocoy, Helene Lorenz and Mary Watkins. Pacifica Graduate Institute Ecological Community Field Work web site, (Summer, 2003).

"Exiled from Education: Minority Boys and Public Schools" The Special Edge, California Department Of Education, (Spring, 2002)

"Education Or Incarceration? The Choice Is Ours." The Special Edge, California Department Of Education, (Fall, 2001)

"Wellness with Men and Boys" Wellness Foundation Newsletter. (Summer, 2001).

"Make Sure That All the People Have the Right to Vote." L.A. Times. Sunday Opinion Section, p.1. (Nov. 5, 2000).

"Youth Profiles Paint a Picture of the Failures of Adults". L.A. Times. Sunday Opinion Section, p.1 (Oct. 8, 2000).

"Focus on Boys' Lives, Not Building Prisons." L.A. Times. Sunday Opinion Section, p.1 (Sept. 3, 2000).

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