Robert Romanyshyn Chapters - Chapters in Edited Volumes

"The World is a Tissue of Metaphors," In the Beginning was Consciousness:Reclaiming Reality in the Age of Materialism,(in press), John Mack and Trish Pfeiffer (Eds).

"The Tears of God:Grief as an Opening to the Divine," Psychology at the Threshold,(n.d.) D. Slattery and L. Corbett (Eds Summeralnd:Pacifica Graduate Instituite Publications.

"Yes, Indeed! Do Call the World the Vale of Soul Making: Reveries toward an Archetypal Presence," Depth Psychology: Meditations in the Field(2000) D. Slattery and L. Corbett(Eds) Einsiedelan, Switzerland: Daimon Verlag

"Alchemy and the Subtle Body of Metaphor,"Pathways into the Jungian World(2000) R. Brooke(Ed.) London: Routledge

"Psychotherapy as Grief Work," The Body in Psychotherapy(1998) D. Johnson and I. Grand(Eds) Berkeley: North Atlantic Books

"For the Moment, That's Enough: Meditations on Therapy and the Poetry of Language," Phenomenology and Narrative Psychology, Pittsburgh: Duquesne University The Simon Silverman Phenomenology Center, 1997

"The Despotic Eye and Its Shadow: Media Image in the Age of Literacy,"Modernity & The Hegemony of Vision(1993) David Michael Levin (Ed.),Berkeley: University of California Press

"The Body as Historical Matter and Cultural Symptom," Giving the Body Its Due: Challenges to a Cartesian Metaphysics (1992) Maxine Sheets-Johnstone (Ed.) New York: State University of New York Press,

"Life World as Depth of Soul: Phenomenology, Psychoanalysis and the Science of Psychology," Psychology Reconsidered(1990) James Faulconer and Richard Williams (Eds.) Pittsburgh: Duquesne University Press

"Technology and Homecoming: Wilderness as Landscape of Soul," Jung in the Context of Southern Africa (1990) Graham S. Saayman (Ed.) Boston: SIGO Press

"Psychology and the Attitude of Science," Existential-Phenomenological Perspectives in Psychology (1989) R. Valle and S. Halling (Eds.) New York: Plenum

-"Psychotherapy as a Creative Process," Psychotherapy and the Creative Patient (1988) E. Mark Stern (Ed.) New York, London: The Haworth Press

"Depression and the American Dream: The Struggle with Home,"Pathologies of the Modern Self (1987) David Michael Levin (Ed.) New York: New York University Press

“The Abandoned Body," Stirrings of Culture (1987) R Sardello and G. Thomas (Eds.) Dallas Institute Press

"Mirroring as Metaphor of Psychological Life," Self and Identity: Psychosocial Perspectives (1987) Krysia M. Yardley and Terry M. Honess (Eds.) New York:John Wiley

"The Despotic Eye," The Changing Reality of Modern Man: Essays In Honor of J.H. van den Berg (1984) D. Kruger(Ed.) Cape Town, Juta & Co.,

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"Science and Reality: Metaphors of Experience and Experience as Metaphorical," Metaphors of Consciousness(1981) R.Valle and R. von Eckartsberg (Eds) New York: Plenum Publishing Corporation

"Experience Takes Place," Dimensions of Thought(1980) Ralph Moon(Ed.) Berkeley:Dharma Publications

"Psychology and the Attitude of Science, Existential Phenomenological Alternatives for Psychology (1978) Ronald S. Valle and Mark King(Eds) New York:Oxford University Press

""Dreams and the Anthropological Conditions of Dreaming," On Dreaming: An Encounter with Medard Boss ( 1977) Charles E. Scott (Ed.)Scholars Press

"The Attitude of Science and the Crisis of Psychology," Duquesne Studies in Phenomenological Psychology Vol. II(1975) A. Giorgi, et al(Eds) Pittsburgh:Duquesne University Press

" Toward A Phenomenology of Attitudes,""Duquesne Studies in Phenomelogical Psychology Vol. I (1971) A. Giorgi, et al. (eds.) Pittsburgh: Duquesne University Press

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