Curriculum Overview: Ph.D. in Depth Psychology with Specialization in Integrative Therapy and Healing Practices


When students begin their studies at Pacifica Graduate Institute, they join a cohort of fellow practitioners who are enrolling in the same degree program. The majority of students remain with the same cohort throughout their academic journey. A very real sense of community is established as students collaborate within their cohorts and share the learning experiences that are part of graduate-level work at Pacifica. Close personal and professional bonds are formed, often lasting long after studies are completed and extending into graduates' professional careers.

Depth Psychology with Specialization in Integrative Therapy and Healing Practices  classes take place during three-day sessions (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) approximately once each month during the fall, winter, and spring quarters. Summer quarter coursework is offered online, along with ongoing practice supervision.

The Ph.D. in Depth Psychology with Specialization in Integrative Therapy and Healing Practices includes 2.5 years of course work and the successful completion of an original dissertation. See course descriptions.

Curriculum Overview

First Year

Foundations of Depth Psychology for the Healing Professions – DPT 730, 2 Units
Imaginal and Experiential Dimensions of Therapeutic Practice – DPT 962, 2 Units
The Art of Scholarly Inquiry and Writing – DPT 784, 2 Units

Jungian Psychology and Contemporary Healing I: Applied Theory and Practice – DPT 761, 2 Units
Relational Psychology I: Psychodynamic and Psychoanalytic Practices – DPT 763, 2 Units
Archetypal Psychology: Re-Visioning Approaches to the Psyche – DPT 762, 1.5 Units
Practice Consultation Groups I – DPT 750, 1 Unit

Dissertation Development I: Imagination, Calling, and Rigor in Doctoral Scholarship – DPT 832, 2 Units The Inner Landscape of Dreams and Active Imagination – DPT 780, 1 Unit
Cultural Dimensions of Psychological Life: Engaging Collective Trauma, Cultural Healing, and Social Justice – DPT 830, 2 Units
Practice Consultation Groups II – DPT 751, 1.5 Units

 Summer (online)
Healing Narratives: Writing Compelling Practice Studies and Client Stories – DPT 785, 2 Units
Practice Consultation Groups III – DPT 850, 1 Unit

Total units for first year: 22 Units

Second Year

Depth Approaches to Psychopathology – DPT 760, 2 Units
Dissertation Development II: Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research – DPT 782, 2 Units
Sex and the Spirit: Integrating Jungian and Depth Approaches to Sexuality – DPT 961, 2 Units
Practice Consultation Groups IV – DPT 851, 1.5 Units

Eco-Spirituality and Eco-Therapy: Nature as Healer – DPT 732, 2 Units
Interpersonal Neurobiology, Affective Neuroscience, and Depth Psychology – DPT 870, 2 Units
Special Topics I: Digital Life and Emerging Cultural Phenomena – DPT 974, 1.5 Units
Practice Consultation Groups V – DPT 852, 1 Unit

Relational Psychology II: Working with Narcissism, Borderline States, and Addictions – DPT 863, 2 Units
Psyche and the Sacred: Psychology and Spirituality in Dialogue – DPT 920, 2 Units
Dissertation Development III – DPT 942A, 1 Units
Practice Consultation Groups VI – DPT 950, 1.5 Units

Summer (online)   
Working with Illness and Death: East-West and Depth Perspectives on Suffering – DPT 894, 2 Units
Practice Consultation Groups VII – DPT 951, 1 Unit
Written Comprehensive Examination – DPT 899, 1 Unit

Total units for second year: 24.5 Units

Third Year

Jungian Psychology and Contemporary Healing II: Engaging Complexity and Diversity – DPT 861, 2 Units
Special Topics II: Religious Fundamentalism, Terrorism, and the Problem of Evil – DPT 992, 2 Units
Practice Consultation Groups VIII – DPT 952, 1.5 units
Dissertation Development IV – DPT 942B, .75 Units

Body, Mind, and Soul in the Healing of Trauma: Somatic, Neurological, and Archetypal Approaches – DPT 975, 2 Units    
Enacting the Oral Tradition: Oral Comprehensive Presentation – DPT 994, 2 Units
Practice Consultation Groups IX – DPT 957, 1.5 Units
Dissertation Development V – DPT 942C, .75 units            

Total units for third year: 12.50 Units

Dissertation Writing – DPT 999, 15 Units

Total program units: 74 Units  (59 Units in coursework, 15 Units in dissertation)

The program will also feature a series of special seminars and lectures on a range of important practice areas, such as: Addictions, Dream Tending, Family Systems Theories, Organizational and Group Dynamics, Jung and Shamanism, Expressive and Therapeutic Arts, Healing Mythologies, Shadow and Power in the Healing Professions, Joseph Campbell and Mythic Journeys Through the Underworld, Evolution of Jungian Analysis, James Hillman’s Cultural Critique of Psychology, Chinese Healing Arts, Inner Life and Trauma, Jung’s Red Book, Indigenous Healing Traditions, Treating the Soul in the Health and Medical Professions, Yoga Therapy, Therapeutic Vocations and Careers, and other current issues and movements influencing the healing professions.

*Pacifica does not provide the supervision of practice hours that may be required for licensure or any similar purpose. Students must provide for their own insurance coverage for professional liability. This curriculum does not contain any license-specific coursework and should not be considered as helpful in that regard. Furthermore, although students will engage in some form of therapeutic practice while in this specialization, and may consult with faculty about their practice, Pacifica does not authorize, monitor, or supervise that practice for licensure purposes, nor do we arrange or administratively support traineeships, pre- or post-doctoral internships, or other licensing practice requirements. The curriculum may vary depending upon changing academic needs. Selected courses may have online components. The required two-year dissertation period, following coursework, focuses on scholarly research and writing.

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