Current Dissertations

Prismatic Perception. An Emerging Mythology of the Millennial Mind

CANDIDATE:  Laura M. Strudwick       PROGRAM:  Mythological Studies

Blood in the Water: Tracking the Wild Grownup in America’s Lust for the Tarnished Hero. Depth Psychology in Dialogue with the Journalism of Popular Culture

 CANDIDATE:  Luticia Stoker Signet        PROGRAM:  Depth Psychotherapy

Structure, Form, and Content: Mythology and Comics

 CANDIDATE:  Joseph Peter Muszynski         PROGRAM:  Mythological Studies

Death Beyond Denial

 CANDIDATE:  Andrea Deerheart        PROGRAM:  Mythological Studies

Towards Depth Visioning: A Depth Psychological Investigation of Group Visioning Methods

 CANDIDATE:  Raymond Robert Sullivan       PROGRAM:  Depth Psychology

Beyond Nature Versus Nurture: The Development of Personality Through Digital Projection

 CANDIDATE:  Andrew Christopher Kami        PROGRAM:  Clinical Psychology

The Illustrated Dark: Cinema, Soul, and Shadows

 CANDIDATE:  Christopher Lee Miller        PROGRAM:  Mythological Studies

Fathers in the Sand: The Transformative Emergence of Archetypal Images through Sandplay

 CANDIDATE:  Karina McGovern Chace       PROGRAM:  Depth Psychotherapy

Dynamics in Interactions with Digital Technology: A Depth Psychological Theoretical Exploration of the Evolutionary-Biological, Symbolic, and Emotional Psyche in the Digital Age

 CANDIDATE:  Ary Ziv         PROGRAM:  Clinical Psychology

Applying Andean Shamanism to Healing Faustian Soul Loss: Re-Discovering the Subtle Realities of the Mundus Imaginalis

 CANDIDATE:  Danita  H. Wolff        PROGRAM:  Mythological Studies

The Somatic Experience of the Wounded Therapist

 CANDIDATE:  Angela DeVita       PROGRAM:  Depth Psychotherapy

A Phenomenological Study of Grief and Mourning among Heterosexual Men in Relation to the Deaths of Their Spouses

 CANDIDATE:  John Steven Moore       PROGRAM:  Depth Psychology

The Archetype of the Old Salt: A Hermeneutic Study of Western Civilization’s Relationship with Nature

CANDIDATE:  Lorraine Ann Ward        PROGRAM:  Depth Psychotherapy

White Mothers: Black Children Seeking the Voice of White Biological Mothers of Biracial Black White Children

 CANDIDATE:  Joan Scott        PROGRAM:  Clinical Psychology

Experiences of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Students in Graduate Marriage and Family Therapy Programs

 CANDIDATE:  Brent Fladmo        PROGRAM:  Clinical Psychology