Engaged Humanities

Gainful Employment

Humanities graduates have taken their distinctive skills into creativity coaching, a wide range of arts and somatic therapies, arts management, and in outreach programs supporting the humanities and arts. In exploring the role of the humanities and arts in facilitating healing, our MA graduates have found (and often come forward and devised) meaningful employment in supporting, mentoring, and consulting in a wide range of institutional and private settings.

Graduates have provided depth psychology workshops for disadvantaged groups such as the physically or learning disabled, and underprivileged children. Many of these graduates have secured teaching positions in schools, community colleges and independent institutions like Pacifica. Taking their unique approach to the Engaged Humanities and the Creative Life into the wider world, these graduates have opened up exhibitions in libraries, taken their arts practice into the corporate environment, designed websites, curated museums and set up new businesses based on creative entrepreneurship.

Above all, Humanities graduates of Pacifica have learned how to find sources of creativity, inspiration, energy and growth in taking inner work out to the world in ways that enhance what it is to be human, the Pacifica mission of imaginal intelligence and the program goal of enabling the creative life.

Our alumni web page (http://alumni.pacifica.edu/?x1=profile) highlights some of their stories.

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Time to Completion

Although many Pacifica students often do not need or want to complete a graduate degree within a certain time frame, 100% of the Engaged Humanities students who completed the M.A. degree program in 2012-13, did so within 30 months.

The program supports and develops the student experience through dedicated teaching and a wide range of creative humanities courses along with individual arts practice. Students are energized and challenged as they develop individually within the support of a creative community. Students find that the transforming qualities of enriched humanities study enable them to complete the program in both a personal and collectively engaged support network.

Pacifica provides students in need with a generous leave of absence policy to accommodate the complexities of the lives of adult students while maintaining high academic standards. Therefore, time to completion rate averages can be lengthened by those students who need to withdraw and re-enter the program.

Overall Time To Completion: Humanities Graduates 2008–2012

Humanities Graduates


Average Time to Completion

MA Graduates


2.29 yrs*

*This figure may include temporary withdrawals and leaves of absence from the program, which can occur due to illness, pregnancy, or other serious instances that students encounter in their academic career.

Pacifica Graduate Institute's U. S. Department of Education's Office of Post Secondary
Education identification number (OPEID): 031268-00

Program Name: Engaged Humanities
CIP for program: 24.0103
This program prepares students for the following career:

SOC code: 25-1199- Postsecondary Teachers, all other http://www.onetonline.org/link/summary/25-1199.00

Program Level: Masters

Program Time to Completion Parameters


*Standard Minimum

*Standard Maximum

**Humanities Program Minimum

*** Gainful Employment

**Humanities Program Time
Limit (Maximum)


36 mos/3 yrs

60 mos/5 yrs

24 mos/2 yrs

60 mos/5 yrs

*Standard time to completion rates are defined by WASC (Western Accreditation Schools & Colleges) as standard for any graduate program at any academic institution.
**The Humanities program curriculum is designed to be completed in 24 months, as published in the 2011-12 Pacifica catalog.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
***Department of Education Gainful Employment "Program On-time to Completion."

MA Time to Completion Rates 2012-2013:

The percentage of students who completed the MA program between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013 within the Department of Education's Gainful Employment "Program On-time to Completion" criterion of 24 months was 0%, with 100% of the students completing the program within 30 months.

2013-13 Humanities

 ***Department of Education Gainful Employment "Program On-time to Completion" 

Cost for Entire Program Completed within Standard Program Time

Estimated Total Tuition

Estimated Costs for Books and Supplies

MA (24 mos/2 yrs) $37.796

MA (24 mos/2 yrs) $2,600

Total annual room and board charges:
Residential Fee for Engaged Humanities and the Creative Life:  $2,916       
Non-Residential Fee for Engaged Humanities and the Creative Life: $1,424

Annual direct program cost information: http://www.pacifica.edu/fee.aspx
Annual Cost of Attendance: http://www.pacifica.edu/COA_2.aspx 

MA Debt for all graduates between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013 (not reported due to privacy guidelines regarding fewer than ten students). 


Updated on 1/31/2014