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DATE: Monday, June 16, 2014
TIME: 12:45 p.m
PLACE: Room G, Ladera Lane campus
CANDIDATE: Nozomi Hayase
DISSERTATION TITLE: "Liberation from Corporate Psychic Colonization: New Subjectivity Awakening in Conscience"
COORDINATOR: Dr. Craig Chalquist
ADVISOR: Dr. Mary Watkins
EXTERNAL READER: Dr. Michael Parenti

Hayase, N. (2014). Liberation from Corporate Psychic Colonization: New Subjectivity Awakening in Conscience (Doctoral dissertation, Pacifica Graduate Institute, 2014)


This study is an engagement in interdisciplinary academic activism situated within the revolutionary period from the 2010 rise of WikiLeaks through the subsequent cycle of global uprisings. I examined two global forces that have implications for divergent conceptions of the self: one a neoliberal agenda enacted by an interlocking of corporations and nation-states, and the other a decentralized uprising of global resistance through spontaneous collaborative networks. The former forges corporate personhood, a term I use to describe a psychological condition beyond the legal construct it typically refers to. It conspires in secret and enforces domination through imposed hierarchies. The latter forges a self that is an opening to the other and working on the basis of equality.

I traced the roots of the corporate mind to historical colonial oppression, distilling the process of corporate colonization and identifying the consequences on our psyches. I analyzed whistleblower Chelsea Manning’s act of conscience as a catharsis toward post-colonial consciousness, freeing one from governance by the corporate state. The uncensored view of modern war that was revealed in the Collateral Murder video provided a mirror which reflects the corporate colonial mind and reveals the internalized colonizer within. I examined the insurgence of horizontally organized movements like online collective Anonymous and Occupy, contagions of courage exemplified by Manning’s conscience giving birth to a new interconnected subjectivity.

I conducted my research using the creed of transparency through disclosure of the researcher’s agenda and gathered material utilizing Rosemarie Anderson’s principle of sympathetic resonance. Combined with critical phenomenology, I engaged in a liberatory praxis, siding with the oppressed to interpret the corporate occupation of psychic space through hegemony and universalization of Euro-American individualism. I propose that decentralized networks working toward a consensus are weaving a new consciousness that liberates imposed corporate identities and transforms rigid ideological frames of mind into a burgeoning empathic culture of the heart.

Keywords: WikiLeaks, Chelsea Manning, corporate personhood, corporate mentality, liberation psychology, psychic decolonization, post-colonial consciousness, conscience, colonization


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