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 DreamWork Seminar
with Dr. Stephen Aizenstat
September 2–4, 2005,
in Santa Barbara, California

In joy and in suffering, the body is always dreaming, open to the eternal wisdom of deep belonging. 

The imagination and wisdom of Africa is found in its people, its extraordinary diversity of culture, and in its afflictions. Landscapes, animals, music, story are all part of the African Dreamtime. In gratitude, for the many ways the gifts of African wisdom traditions have informed my work as a tender of dreams, a portion of the proceeds of this year's workshop will be donated to Direct Relief International. In particular, monies from this seminar will be used to procure critically needed medical goods and deliver them to Luapula Province, the northern horn of Zambia.

Since 1948, Direct Relief International has worked to improve the quality of life for people in need by providing essential material resources to locally run health programs in poor areas around the world and during times of disaster. I feel privileged to contribute to the efforts of Direct Relief ( I am honored by the opportunity to listen deeply to the callings of Africa Dreaming.


—Dr. Stephen Aizenstat

In this three-day introductory seminar, Dr. Aizenstat will help the dreamer find relationship with the archetypal imagination—describing tribal, traditional, and emerging approaches to dream work that explore common dream themes, nightmares, archetypal images, and the recurring dream. Seminar topics include:

THE PERSONAL UNCONSCIOUS: Dreamwork methods drawn from Western psychology as well as tribal wisdom assist us in hearing the voices of the dream in relation to personal history and experience.

THE COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS: Archetypal approaches to dreamtending found in the work of Joseph Campbell, C. G. Jung, James Hillman, and Marion Woodman as well as in the traditions of African culture aid us in reconnecting to the universal images rooted in the mythological imagination of the human psyche.

THE WORLD UNCONSCIOUS: Dr. Aizenstat will demonstrate emerging methods of DreamTending which animate the living ecology of the wider landscape, reconnecting us to the realm of imagination and nature.

ONGOING DREAM COUNCIL: Participants will meet daily in ongoing dream councils of 4-6 persons to apply material learned in the seminar. This provides an opportunity for each member to work with his or her own dreams.

Day One: 
Introduction to DreamWork
Orienting Principles of DreamTending
Tools for Remembering Dreams
"Getting Started"—Methods of Association
The Personal Psyche
Exploring Common Dream Themes
Demonstration and Experiential Work

Day Two:
Mythic Imagination and The Archetypal Image

Listening to the Symbolic Language of Dreams (Puns, Metaphor, and Image)
Learning DreamTending Methods of Amplification, Active Imagination, and Ritual
Exploring how African Wisdom Traditions found in Story, Legend, and
      Art inform the Craft of DreamTending
Befriending the Indigenous Images in Dreams
Demonstration and Experiential Work

Day Three: 
DreamTending as a Life Practice
Attending to Psyche and Soma, Body and Soul
Tending to the Living Image—Methods of Animation and Dream Council
Discovering the Teachings of Nightmares and Night Demons
DreamTending as a life practice of Archetypal Activism
Demonstration and Experiential Work


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