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A Lecture and Workshop with
Marion Woodman

Friday, February 9, 2007
Saturday, February 10, 2007

Virgin and Puer: 
Confronting the Feminine Together 

Both men and women are face to face with an inner feminine that is shifting our understanding of relationship. These shifts can be both threatening and rewarding. When we are attempting to live our own integrity, how do we relate to our partners facing a similar shift? How do we open new ground for the shadow that is bound to appear.  When the Puer moves into his patriarchal shadow, how does the Virgin deal with her silenced shadow?  When this happens, do we remain true to the relationship and/or true to oneself and our own integrity? In this lecture, we will discuss creative approaches that open new doors to the relationship between masculinity and femininity.

Virgin and Puer on their Way to the Inner Marriage

Developing the ideas set forth in the Friday evening lecture, we will explore how dreams and symptoms can guide us toward the inner marriage. If men and woman are to be equal partners in the outer world, the foundations for that partnership must first be laid within themselves. Nothing can be achieved without, if the foundations are not firmly established within. So long as men and women remain strangers to their inner reality, the hope for a deep and lasting outer relationship will always be beyond arms reach. Through our efforts to do the hard work of bringing our own masculine and feminine sides to consciousness, the inner marriage is manifest and the outer marriage is exciting. Participants of the workshop are strongly encouraged to attend the Friday evening lecture. For the workshop, please wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring a blanket for gentle bodywork.

Marion Woodman, LLD, DHL, PhD (Hon), is a Jungian analyst, teacher and author of numerous books, including Bone: Dying into Life, The Owl Was A Baker's Daughter; Addiction to Perfection, The Pregnant Virgin, The Ravaged Bridegroom, Leaving My Father's House, and Conscious Femininity. Marion has been exploring the relationship between psyche and soma through her work and teaching for 30 years. She has developed the BodySoul Rhythms intensives to create an opportunity to study the inter-relatedness of dreams and body and to share the work with the many women who are genuinely interested in this exploration. A visionary and teacher, she has developed some of Jung's ideas in an original and creative way. Marion is a founding member of the Marion Woodman Foundation, sponsor of BodySoul Rhythms Work. For more information on Marion’s work, visit


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