financial aid

Student Responsibilities

It is the student's responsibility to:

  • Accurately complete and submit all applications (including the FAFSA form) by the required deadlines. 
  • Promptly respond to requests for additional required documentation. 
  • Avoid intentional misreporting of information on financial aid. 
  • Read, understand and retain copies of ALL forms you sign and submit. 
  • Read, understand and accept responsibility for all agreements you sign. 
  • Review and understand all information about your program of study prior to enrollment. 
  • Understand and comply with all requirements of Pacifica, federal and non-federal financial aid programs. 
  • Be continuously enrolled for consecutive quarters; i.e., not have a break in enrollment (e.g.; leave of absence) for sequential continuation of financial aid. 
  • Complete the required Entrance Counseling session prior to the receipt of the first loan disbursement. 
  • Complete the required Exit Counseling session prior to leaving Pacifica (i.e., upon completion of degree requirements or prior to leave of absence). 
  • Notify the administrative offices at Pacifica and Stafford/Alternative Loan lenders of all changes to address, phone, email address, and enrollment status.  Failure to notify the Financial Aid Office may result in delayed processing of financial aid.    
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