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Refunds - "Dropping a Class"

Students who find it necessary to withdraw from a course or "drop a class" during a quarter of enrollment must adhere to the following policy and procedure to ensure a refund for that course.

  • A completed Request to Drop a Class Form is due to the Office of the Registrar as specified below to be eligible for a refund.    
  • The date of withdrawal will be determined by the date written notification is received.  Students dropping or withdrawing from a course will receive a pro rata refund based on a “per unit tuition calculation” as specified below. 


  • Time frame - quarter

    Refund – per unit tuition calculation

    On or before the first day of class of the quarter


    First week of the quarter


    Second week of the quarter


    Third week of the quarter


    Fourth week of the quarter


    Fifth week of the quarter


    Sixth week of the quarter


    After the 6th week


    Summer Quarter policy:


    On or before the first day of class


    After the first day – tuition refund is prorated based upon the number of days in the quarter, up to and including the date written notification is received by the Office of the Registrar.

    **”Per unit tuition calculation”: the sum of the tuition in the specific program divided by the units offered in that program multiplied by the number of units for the class.

If the school cancels or discontinues a course, the student will receive a full refund of all  tuition and other charges for the course.     

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