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Complete Checklist of Works of James Hillman



From the Revised and expanded third edition of Archetypal Psychology (Volume I of the Uniform Edition of the Writings of James Hillman, published by Spring Publications, Inc. in conjunction with The Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture.

Code Definitions

  1. Book or Monograph
  2. – Collaborative Volume    
  3. – Edited Volume
  4. – Published Essay or Lecture
  5. Contribution to the Eranos Jahrbuch
  6. – Preface/Occasional Writing
  7. – Unpublished Writing
  8. – Interview/Conversation

Works in Foreign Languages


Works in English


A04  A Terrible Love of War. New York: The Penguin Press.

A04a Archetypal Psychology. 3rd amended & revised edition. Putnam, CT: Spring Publ. A “Prefatory Note to the Fifth Printing” first appeared in the 1993 edition. First printed 1981, see ItD87a. Also JaA93, PoA91, RuA96.

F04a "Gods on the Street Corner, " Parabola, Nov./Dec.

F04b "Letter from James Hillman," Foreword to the Program, Mythic Journeys Conference, Atlanta, GA.

G04  “On Cosmology.”  Talk, conference “Art & Soul, Connecting to the Deep Mysteries of Life through the Artistic Image,” Santa Fe, NM

H04  Interview by Alan Bisbort, "Our Terrible Love," Hartford Advocate, May 27


D03  "Bridging the Human and Non-Human Worlds," and "A Response," In The Evolution of Psychotherapy: A Meeting of the Minds, ed. Jeffrey K. Zeig, Phoenix, AZ: Milton H. Erickson Foundation Press.

F03a “City.” See ItF03.

F03b “I am as I am not.”  Foreword to Heraclitus’ Fragments (paperback).  Trans. Brooks Haxton.  New York: Penguin.

F03c “A Note for Stanton Marlan.” Journal of Jungian Theory and Practice, Vol. 5, No. 2, 2003.  New York:  C. G. Jung Institute of New York. 

G03a “In Favor of Babel.” Talk, Vassar College; also transcript of an Invited Lecture, University of Siena, Nov. 1999. Published online Aug. 31, 2000 only, by Café Europa in Italy under the title “Lesson at the University of Siena by James Hillman.”

G03b - “You Taught Me Language.” Talks: Teatro Strehler, Milano, Apr. and NY Hudson Jungians, Feb. Originally, Annual Spearshaker Lecture, Shakespeare Globe Centre, London. Apr. 1997.

G03c “The Presence (and Absence) of Orpheus.” Opening Lecture, International Conference “ORFEO,” Univ. of Torino, Apr.

G03d - “Festrede.” In celebration of Adolf Guggenbühl-Craig’s 80th birthday.


D02a “The Virtues of Caution.” Resurgence, 213. Bideford, Devon, England. Also ItD01c “The Psychology of Precaution” (in English & Italian).

D02b - “Laying the Table.” Psychology at the Threshold. Eds. D. P. Slattery, L. Corbett. Carpinteria, CA: Pacifica Graduate Inst. Publ. Keynote address ‘An International Symposium of Archetypal Psychology,’ Univ. of California, Santa Barbara, Aug. – Sept. 2000.

D02c “Tradition and Innovation (or Revolution).” See ItD02b. Also GeD02.

D02d  “Ideas I see in her Art.” See ItD02c.

D02e “Ground Zero: A Reading.” Jungian Reflections on September 11 – A Global Nightmare. Eds. L. Zoja, D. Williams. Einsiedeln: Daimon. Benefit talk for Meyerhoff Art Education Center for Disabled Children, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Milano, Nov. 2001. Also PoA03.

G02a “On Teaching and Learning.” Talk, Intl. Conference on ‘Education in the XXI Century,’ Fondazione Liberal, Milano, Apr.

G02b - “On Devotion.” Lecture, Conference ‘Pietas,’ Sant’ Andrea in Percussina, Florence, Apr. Also ItD03.

G02c “Beauty and War.” Lecture, Philosophy Conference on Beauty, Modena, Sept. 21. 

G02d - “A Note for Stanton Marlan.” Prepared for a forthcoming book.

G02e “City.” See ItF03.

G02f “Mother Earth: Nobody knows the troubles I cause.” Talk, Bachelard Conference, Dallas, TX, Nov.

G02g - “Notes on Verticality: Creation, Transcendence, Ambition, Erection, Inflation.” Prepared for the Puer Project (with Glen Slater).

H02  Quoted in the article “A 9-Year Battle Over a Sewer Line, Higher Taxes and History” by Alan Bisbort. New York Times, Sunday June 16, Sec. 14, CT.



A01  Farewell Welfare. Public lecture, Analytical Psychology Society of Western New York. Buffalo, NY, Nov. 1997.

D01a “Dreaming Outside of Ourselves.” Where Id Was: Challenging Normalization in Psychoanalysis. Eds. A. Molino, C. Ware. London/New York: Continuum.    

D01b - “Justice and Beauty: Foundations of an Ecological Psychology.” See ItD01a.  

F01a “I am as I am not.” Foreword to Fragments, The Collected Wisdom of Heraclitus. Trans. Brooks Haxton. New York: Viking.

F01b “Response from James Hillman” to three questions posed by H.H. Covitz (on ‘adaptation and survival’; ‘being true to oneself’; and ‘uniqueness’). NAAP News, Winter: 24/4.

F01c “Remembering Bob Stein.” Foreword to Love, Sex, and Marriage, Collected Essays of Robert Stein. Woodstock, CT: Spring Journal Books.

G01a “Moses, Alchemy, Authority.” Talk, conference ‘Mosé: conflitti e toleranza,’ Accademia di San Luca, Rome, Oct 5. Condensed in ItD01b.

G01b - “What is Resurging?” Notes from a presentation at the Resurgence Conference ‘OMEGA’, Rhinebeck, NY,
Sept. 7.

G01c “Blue Skies: visitations of a daimon in adult mid-life.” Talk, Vetralla Conference “Arte e Daimon,” Dept. of Philosophy, University of Rome, Oct. 9. Excerpts from D81a.

G01d - “Hermes Intoxication.” Talk, School of Architecture, University of Catania, Siracusa, Oct. 11. 

G01e “Cultural Transformation.” Notes used for seminar.

H01a Interview by Mark Wagner. “Best-selling citizen – Author James Hillman starts new chapter of life as civic leader in Thompson.” Worcester, MA: Worcester Telegram & Gazette,
Feb. 13.

H01b - Quoted in the article “Dream Vacations” by Andy Steiner. Utne Reader. Minneapolis, MN: LENS, July/Aug. 

H01c Quoted in the article “The Soul of Washington” by Pythia Peay. Washington, DC: Washingtonian, Feb. 

H01d - Interview by Fabio Botto. “Five Questions to James Hillman.” Translated from the Italian; published on the internet at Also ItH99c. -


A00  The Force of Character and the Lasting Life. New York: Ballantine. Chap. reprint: “The Force of The Face.” The Sun, Aug. First ed., New York: Random House, 1999. Also: DaA00, DuA00, FrA01, GeA00, ItA00, JaA00, PoA99, SpA00c, SwA01.   

B00   “An Essay on Pan.” Fourth printing, new rev. ed. of Pan and the Nightmare (with “Ephialtes: A Pathological-Mythological Treatise on the Nightmare in Classical Antiquity” by
W. H. Roscher). Woodstock, CT: Spring Publ. First ed., New York/Zurich: Spring Publ., 1972. Also: FrB79, GeB81a, ItB97.

D00a “Look Out: Three Occasions of Public Excitation.” Depth Psychology: Meditations in the Field. Eds. D. P. Slattery, L. Corbett. Daimon, Switzerland & Pacifica Graduate Institute, Carpinteria. Original version presented at the Archetypal Activism Conference, Santa Barbara, CA, June 1999.

D00b - “A Psyche the Size of the Earth.” Fourth printing, Only Connect – Soil, Soul, Society –The Best of Resurgence Magazine 1990–1999. Eds. John Lane, Maya K. Mitchell. Bideford, Devon, England. First printed 1995 as “A Psychological Preface” to The Ecopsychology Reader. Eds. T. Roszak, M.E. Gomes, A.D. Kanner. San Francisco, CA: Sierra Books. Collected in ItA99a.

D00c “Why ‘Archetypal’ Psychology? – An Editorial Postscript to Spring 1970.” Working with Images, the Theoretical Base of Archetypal Psychology. Ed. B. Sells. Woodstock, CT: Spring Publ. Originally D70c.

D00d - “Peaks and Vales: The Soul/Spirit Distinction as Basis for the Differences between Psychotherapy and Spiritual Discipline.” Working with Images, The Theoretical Base of Archetypal Psychology. Ed. B. Sells. Woodstock, CT: Spring Publ.
Originally in On the Way to Self-Knowledge. Eds. J. Needleman, D. Lewis. New York: Knopf, 1976. Collected in C79a, FrA82, ItA88, PoA98a. Also PoD82. Appendix to JaA93.

D00e “Image-Sense.” Working with Images, The Theoretical Base of Archetypal Psychology. Ed. B. Sells. Woodstock, CT: Spring Publ. Originally in Spring 1979. Dallas, TX: Spring Publ. Also ItD02a. 

D00f “Psychology: Monotheistic or Polytheistic?” Working with Images, The Theoretical Base of Archetypal Psychology. Ed. B. Sells. Woodstock, CT: Spring Publ. Originally in Spring 1971. Zürich: Spring Publ. Expanded in Appendix to The New Polytheism by David Miller, 1981. Dallas, TX: Spring Publ. Included in FrA82. Also GeD79b, ItD83b, RuD99a.

D00g - “Perambulate to Paradise.” Utne Reader 98, Mar./Apr. Minneapolis, MN: LENS. “Pleasure of Walking,” Resurgence 197, Nov./Dec. 1999. Bideford, Devon, England. Excerpted as “The wonder of wander: walking and the soul of modern society.” Utne Reader 32, Mar./Apr. 1989. “Paradise in Walking,” Resurgence 129, July–Aug. 1988. “Talking as Walking,” The Institute Newsletter, Fall 1984. Dallas, TX: Dallas Inst. of Humanities & Culture. Collected in POA93b. First printed as “Take a Walk: The benefits of meaningful meandering,” D Magazine, Sept. 1980. Dallas, TX: Dallas SW Media Corp. First presented at a seminar “The City as Dwelling” sponsored by the Center for Civic Leadership, Dallas.

Also see ItD96f. 

F00a “A Note on Hermes Inflation.” Lost Souls/Spring 65. Woodstock, CT: Spring Publ. First printing in ItF97.    

F00b Letter to the Editor: “Thompson must address questions.” Norwich Bulletin, Norwich, CT, Apr. 15.

G00a “Bridging the Human and Non-Human Worlds” and “Comments” on “The Narcissistic Personality Disorder” by J. Masterson. Talks, Fourth Evolution of Psychotherapy Conf., Anaheim.

G00b - “The Call of the God Okeanos.” Speech at the International Conference “Man and Sea,” Portofino, May. 

G00c “An Introduction to the Beginning of Psychotherapy.” Plenary talk, 19th Annual Congress, Association of Japanese Clinical Psychology, Kyoto, Sept.

H00a “Old Soul, How Aging Reveals Character, A Conversation with James Hillman” by Genie Zeiger. The Sun. Chapel Hill, NC: Sun Publishing Co., Aug.  

H00b - Interview by Peter Jennings. “21st Century Lives: James Hillman – Both Old and Young must learn to value the Beauty of Aging.” Published as a feature at the ABC News website, ABC-TV News, June 23.

H00c Interview by Sy Safransky. “The Myth of Therapy.”
Reprinted in Stubborn Light – the Best of The Sun Vol. III. Chapel Hill, NC: Sun Publ. Co.“Is Psychotherapy a Waste of Time?” Yoga Journal 104 and Utne Reader 49, Minneapolis, MN: LENS, 1992. First published in The Sun 185, Apr. 1991.


D99a “Learning from Animals.” The Way of Compassion – Survival Strategies for a World in Crisis. Ed. M. Rowe. New York: Stealth Technologies Inc. 

D99b - “Where is the Environment?” Cultural and Spiritual Values of Biodiversity. Ed. D. A. Posey. London: Inter. Technology Publ. for United Nations Environment Programme. 

F99a Letter to the Editors of Spring Journal: “Sometimes a Cigar is just a Cigar.” Lost Souls/Spring 65. Woodstock, CT: Spring Publ. -

F99b Letter to the Editor: “J. Hillman on J. Edgar: Food & Fingerprints.” Thus Spake the Corpse, An Exquisite Corpse Reader 1988–1998. Eds. A. Codrescu, L. Rosenthal. Santa Rosa, CA: Black Sparrow Press. First printed in Exquisite Corpse 38/4. Baton Rouge, LA, 1992.

G99a “Puritan Iconoclasm and the American World Order.” See ItD00a.

G99b - “Melancholy without the Gods.” See ItD01e.

G99c “Aesthetic Response as Political Action: A Preface.” Collected in ItA99a.

H99a Interview by Steve Perry. “The Old Man and the Psyche – James Hillman on Innocence, Wisdom, and Aging.”
Seattle, WA: Stranger. “Stranger Arts,” Sept. 

H99b - Interview by David Tarrant. “Character Study – Our true nature emerges in old age, when we have the time and desire for reflection.” Dallas, TX: Dallas Morning News, Oct. 11: C.

H99c Interview by Cate Terwilliger. “Getting Grounded – Aging’s Role.” Denver, CO: Denver Post, Nov. 14.   

H99d - Interview by Mark Matousek. “Face the Music and Dance.” Modern Maturity. Washington, DC: AARP, Nov./Dec.

H99e Interview by Alan Bisbort. “People/James Hillman.” Connecticut Magazine. Trenton, NJ: Journal Register Co., Oct. Excerpted in the Special Anniversary Issue of Connecticut Magazine, Nov.

H99f Interview by Pat Samples. “What’s Left and What Lasts when You’re Aging: A Conversation with James Hillman.” Phoenix. St. Paul, MN: Northstar Media, Nov. 


D98a “In the Gardens – A Psychological Memoir.” Consciousness and Reality – Studies in Memory of Toshihiko Izutsu. Eds. Syyid Jalâl al-Dîn Âshtiyâni, Hideichi Matsubara, Takashi Iwami, Akiro Matsumoto. Tokyo: Iwanami Shoten. Collected in ItA99a.

D98b - “The Practice of Beauty.” Uncontrollable Beauty – Toward a New Aesthetics. Eds. B. Beckley, D. Shapiro. New York: Allworth. Sphinx 4, London: London Convivium for Archetypal Studies, 1992. As “The Repression of Beauty,” Tema Celeste Art Magazine, Intl. Edition, Siracusa, May–June, No. 31, 1991. Lecture, Museum of Contemporary Art, Prato Italy, Feb. 1991. Collected in ItA99a. Also GeD93 & ItD94a.

D98c “In.” Spring 63: Mom and the Kids. Woodstock, CT: Spring Publ. Invitational Address, National Meeting of Jungian Analysts, Boston, Oct. 1993. 

F98   Letter to Thomas Moore. “The Unquiet Mind: Stories for the Millenium.” The Salt Journal, Apr./May. San Marcos, TX: The Salt Journal, Inc. First printed in Corona 2, 1981. -

G98  “For Michael Perlman.” Memoriam (note to Carol Duke).

H98a Interview by Bert H. Hoff. “Authenticity, Character and Destiny.” Men’s Voices. Seattle, WA: Bert H. Hoff,
Vol. 1/1, Winter.

H98b - Interview by Scott London. “From Little Acorns: A Radical New Psychology.” The Sun. Chapel Hill, NC: Sun Publ. Co., Mar.

H98c “A Conversation Between Ginette Paris & James Hillman.” The Salt Journal. San Marcos, TX: The Salt Journal, Inc. Part 1: Apr./May; Part 2: Sept./Oct.


A97a Suicide and the Soul. Fourth edition, Woodstock, CT: Spring Publ. First printings, London: Hodder & Stoughton and New York: Harper, 1964. Excerpted in: Reading Group Choices, Nashville, TN: Paz & Assoc., 1998 and in F86b, FrF90, HuA93. Also CzA97, DaA78, GeA79, ItA99b, JaA82, PlA96, PoA93a, SwA67.  

A97b - The Soul’s Code. In Search of Character and Calling. Third edition, New York: Warner Books (paperback). First edition, New York: Random House, 1996. Section Reprints: Reading Group Choices, Nashville, TN: Paz & Associates and The Sun, Mar. Chapel Hill, NC: Sun Publishing Co, 1998. Also A96e, BuA00, ChA98, CzA00, DaA99, DuA97, FrA02, GeA02, GrA98, ItA97, JaA98a, LaA02, PoA98, SpA98, SwA00.

A97c The Myth of Analysis: Three Essays in Archetypal Psychology. Fourth edition, Evanston, IL: Northwestern Univ. Press. First edition, Evanston, IL, Northwestern Univ. Press, 1972. Includes E72, E70, E67. Also FrA77, ItA91b, PoA84, SpA00a.

B97   Dream Animals (with Margot McLean). San Francisco: Chronicle Books. Includes E83. Excerpted in Resurgence 187, Bideford, Devon, England, Mar./Apr. 1998. Also GeB99.

C97   Spring: A Journal of Archetype and Culture. Dallas, TX, Putnam & Woodstock, CT, 1988 – 1997. Also Spring: An Annual of Archetypal Psychology and Jungian Thought. New York, Zürich, Irving & Dallas, TX, 1970–87.

D97a “Case History – Evolution or Revelation?” The Evolution of PsychotherapyThe Third Conference. Ed. J. K. Zeig. New York: Brunner/Mazel. Address at the Conference in Las Vegas NV, 1995. Also ItD00b.

D97b - “A Note on Story.” Fifth printing, Literature and Its Writers, An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry and Drama. Eds. A. Charters , S. Charters. Boston: Bedford Books. First printing in Children’s Literature 3, Storrs, CT, 1974. Collected in A81.

D97c “The Seduction of Black.” Haiti/Spring 61. Putnam, CT: Spring Journal. Also in Fire in the Stone /The Alchemy of Desire. Ed. S. Marlan. Wilmette IL: Chiron Publ. Extended version of ItD95b.   

D97d - “Culture and the Animal Soul.”American Soul/Spring 62. Woodstock, CT: Spring Journal. First published in Spanish, see SpD94a.

F97   “A Postscript of Afterthoughts.” Suicide and the Soul. Woodstock, CT: Spring Publ.   

G97a “The Cost of the Ugly.” Talk, Asia Society, New York City, Dec. 2.

G97b - “Heaven Retains Within Its Sphere Half of All Bodies and Maladies (Paracelsus).” Address, “Cycles and Symbols III, The Return of Soul to the Cosmos,” Isis Institute, San Francisco, CA, Feb. 

G97c “Futurology.” Talk, Dartington Hall Easter Conference: “Time and Timelessness.” Devon, England, Apr. Also FrD98.

G97d - “How do we stay Psychological?” Talk, Division of Humanistic Psychology, Amer. Psychology Assoc., Chicago, IL, Aug.

G97e Interview by Stephen Capen. “James Hillman’s Daimonic Vision.” Santa Barbara, CA, Dec. 1996.

H97a Interview: ‘Going Bugs with James Hillman.’ Satya, 3/7, Jan.

H97b - Interview by Steve Perry. “Waking Up with the House on Fire.” Reprinted in Utne Reader. Minneapolis, MN: LENS, Feb. First published Minneapolis, MN: City Pages, Oct. 2, 1996.


A96a The Thought of the Heart and the Soul of the World. Woodstock, CT: Spring Publ. Incorporates revised versions of D82 and E81a. Also ItA02b, JaA99, SpA99a.   

A96b - Anima: An Anatomy of a Personified Notion (with excerpts from the writings of C. G. Jung & original drawings by Mary Vernon). Third printing, Woodstock, CT: Spring Publ. An expansion of D73a & D74a. Also ItA02c, PoA90.

A96c Insearch: Psychology and Religion. Fourth printing, Woodstock, CT: Spring Publ. Revised in 1994 to include “Postscript – A Critical Review of this Book by the Author.” First printings London: Hodder Stoughton, New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1967. Three lectures at Ministers’ Seminar, First Community Church, Columbus, OH, Apr. 19–21, 1965. Includes revisions of G65a, b, c. Also DuA69,GeA81, JaA90, PoA85.

A96d - Healing Fiction. Woodstock, CT: Spring Publ. First printing, Barrytown, NY: Station Hill Press, 1983. Excerpted in Jungian Literary Criticism. Ed. R. P. Sugg. Evanston, IL: Northwestern University Press, 1992. Includes revisions of E81b, D77b, D75a, GeE77, ItD80b. Also GeA86a, ItA84, RuA97.

A96e The Soul’s Code. In Search of Character and Calling. Milson’s Point, NSW Australia: Random House.    

B96a - “The Feeling Function.” Lectures on Jung’s Typology. Third printing, Woodstock CT: Spring Publ. First printing New York/Zürich: Spring Publ., 1971. Also GeB80, PoB90, RuB98a. Included in ItA85, RuB98.

B96b Inter Views: Conversations between James Hillman and Laura Pozzo on Therapy, Biography, Love, Soul, Dreams, Work, Imagination and the State of the Culture. Third printing, Woodstock, CT: Spring Publ. First printed New York: Harper, 1983. Also PoB89. Excerpted in F91e. Chap. 9 only: ItB84. Expansion of ItB83.

D96a “Horses and Heroes.” Spring 59. Woodstock, CT: Spring Publ.

D96b - “Aesthetics and Politics.” Oakland, CA: Tikkun, 11/6, Nov./Dec. Oakland, CA: Institute for Labor & Mental Health. Originally a talk “Can there be Ethics without Aesthetics? – Aesthetic Response as Political Action.” Tikkun Summit for Ethics and Meaning, Washington, DC, Apr. Preface to ItA99a.

D96c “Marriage, Intimacy, Freedom.” Marriages: Spring 60. Woodstock, CT: Spring Publ. Originally a talk entitled “Marriage, Intimacy, Freedom: Marvelous Fantasies.” Dallas Inst. of Humanities & Culture, Dallas, TX, Oct. 1993. 

D96d - The Natural, the Literal, and the Real.” American Arts Quarterly, xiii/4, Fall. New York: Newington-Cropsey Found. Talk, Challenge of Realism conference. Collected in ItA99a.

D96e “’Psychology: Monotheistic or Polytheistic?’ Twenty-five years later.” Marriages: Spring 60. Woodstock, CT: Spring Publ. Lecture, Casa Machiavelli, Firenze, Italy, Apr. Also ItD97.

F96a “Address” on receiving the New York Open Center’s Award for the Advancement of Psychology, 1995. Lapis: 7.

F96b “This Question of Images.” Saga. Ed. Jonathan Young. Ashland, OR: White Cloud Press.

F96c “To the Editor.” Response to an editorial quoting The Soul’s Code with reference to the president’s character. New London, CT: The Day, Nov. 14.  

F96d “A Psyche the Size of the Earth.” Third printing, ECOLogic 26 (Summer). Oxford, MI: Upland Hills Ecological Awareness Center. First published in Ecopsychology. Eds. T. Roszak, M. Gomes, A. Kanner. San Francisco, CA: Sierra Club, 1995.

G96a “Nature, City, Soul.” Revision of D86c presented upon receiving the Citizen of Chiavari Award. Chiavari, Italy, Apr.

G96b - “Hermetic Intoxication.” Lecture, Dipartimento di Psicologia, Universita di Torino & Centro Italiano di Psicologia Analitica, May. Also ItD96d.

G96c “Millennial Psychology.” Public lecture, Banco Popolare Commercio, Milano, May. 

G96d - “Hera, Goddess of Marriage.” Public Lecture, Santa Barbara, CA, Feb. (Revision of similar lectures in Omaha, NE, Oct. 1994 and Berkeley, CA, June 1994.)

H96a Interview by Joe Coppin (via telephone). “The Language of Therapy,” Auburn, CA, Feb.

H96b - Interview by Sean Abbott. “America’s psychoanalytic visionary explores a new theory of character and calling.” At Random 15. New York: Random House. 

H96c Interview by Eddie Silva. “Soul Man.” The Riverfront Times, St. Louis, MO, Oct. 29–30.

H96d - Interview by Tom Jacobs. “James Hillman: A Soul Man.” Santa Barbara, CA: Santa Barbara News-Press, Dec. 8,
Sec. D.

H96e Featured “Star of the Week” with a discussion led by Elizabeth Porter. For Oprah’s Community, Oprah Online. Also five questions on The Soul’s Code presented by Michael Cook and answered at Oprah Online, Nov.  

H96f Interview by Stephen Capen. “James Hillman says, it’s NOT all in your head.” Boulder, CO: Shambala Sun, Nov. 5/2. Recorded at Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA, Oct. 25. Transcript also published on the internet.

H96g - Interview by Russ Spencer. “Heeding the Daimon Calling – James Hillman on the Invisibles Attached.” Santa Barbara, CA: The Independent, Dec. 12.

H96h - Transcript of Feb. 19 Dialogue/Interview, Santa Barbara, CA, by Joe Coppin for his dissertation at Pacifica Graduate Inst.

H96i “The Soul’s Guide.” A Traveling Jewish Theatre Review, 2/1, Fall. Excerpt from H94a. 

H96j Quoted in an article entitled “The President’s Analysts.” New Age Journal, Sept./Oct. 


A95  Kinds of Power: A Guide to its Intelligent Uses. New York: Doubleday/Currency. Includes G93b. Also ItA02a, ItA96b, PoA01, SpA00b.   

B95   “Oedipus Revisited.” Oedipus Variations: Studies in Literature and Psychoanalysis (with “Oedipus: Two Essays” by Karl Kerényi). Woodstock, CT: Spring Publ. 1991: Dallas, TX: Spring Publ. 1989: Frankfurt a/M: Insel. First printing, E89. Also ItB92, PoB95a, RuD02.

D95a “Pink Madness or Why Does Aphrodite Drive Men Crazy with Pornography?” Spring 57. Woodstock, CT: Spring Publ. Paper delivered at the Myth & Theatre Conference “Aphrodite,” Avignon, France, Aug. 1993. Excerpted in ItD99a.  

D95b - “Neither Nurture nor Nature: Something Else.” Plenary conference speech. Science and Culture, proceedings of the Institute for Liberal Studies, 6/Fall. Frankfurt, KY: Kentucky State Univ. Early version of Chapter 6, A97c.

D95c “Pseudologia Fantastica: A Curious Need to Falsify, Disguise or Destroy the Story of Your Life.” Spring 58. Early version of Chapter 8, A97c.    

D95d - “Salt: A Chapter in Alchemical Psychology.” Salt and the Alchemical Soul. Ed. with an intro. by Stanton Marlan. Woodstock, CT: Spring Publ. First published in Images of the Untouched. Eds. J. Stroud, G. Thomas. Dallas, TX: Spring Publ., 1981.

F95   “Light and (Dark)/Darkness.” Visionfest Remarks. Utne Reader 70, July/Aug. Minneapolis, MN: LENS.

G95a “Aging.” Lecture sponsored by C. G. Jung Society of St. Louis, MO, Apr. 

G95b - “Memorial Reading for Etheridge Knight.” Teachers and Writers Collaborative, New York City, Nov.

G95c “The Segregation of Beauty.” Lecture, Ninth Annual Meeting, International Skye, New York, Dec.  

G95d - “Architecture, City, Soul.” Talk, Conference on City Planning, Trento, Italy.

H95a Interview by Emily Yoffe. “How the Soul is Sold.” New York Times Magazine, Apr. 23.

H95b - Interview by Wes Nisker. “The Soul of the Matter.” Inquiring Mind. 11/2.

H95c Interview by Suzi Gablik. “When you’re Healed, Send me a Postcard.” Conversations Before the End of Time. New York: Thames & Hudson.

H95d - Interview by Jon Spayde. “Profile.” “100 Visionaries,” Utne Reader 67. Minneapolis, MN: LENS. -


D94a “City, Sport, and Violence.” Psyche and Sports. Eds. M. Stein, J. Hollwitz. Wilmette, IL: Chiron Publications. Originally published: Inroads 7, 1991. Minneapolis, MN: Inroads Press. Lecture at the University of Florence, Italy, May 1990. Collected in PoA93b.

D94b - “Psychology, Self and Community.” Resurgence 166, Sept/Oct. Bideford, Devon, England. Award Acceptance Speech, 8th Annual Recognition Award, Center for Psychology and Social Change, Harvard University’s Peabody Museum, Cambridge, MA, Nov. 1993. Collected in ItA99a.

D94c “Once More Into the Fray – A Response to Wolfgang Giegerich’s ‘Killings.’ ’’ Spring 56. Woodstock, CT: Spring Publ.

D94d - “Man is by Nature a Political Animal or: Patient as Citizen.” Speculations after Freud – Psychoananlysis, Philosophy and Culture.  Eds. S. Shamdasani, M. Munchow. London: Routledge & Kegan Paul. Originally a lecture “Anthropos Phusei Politikon Zoon” at the Freud Museum Conference “Speculations,” London, Oct. 1990. Collected in ItA99a, PoA93b.

D94e “The Practice of Beauty.” Archivo 2. Fiesole [Firenze].   

D94f “Wars, Arms, Rams, Mars: On the Love of War.” Third printing in The Awakened Warrior. Ed. R. Fields. New York: Tarcher/Putnam. Second printing in Facing Apocalypse. Eds. V. Andrews et al. Dallas: Spring Publ., 1987. First printing in Nuclear Strategy and the Code of the Warrior: Faces of Mars and Shiva in the Crisis of Human Survival. Eds. R. Grossinger, L. Hough. Berkeley, CA: North Atlantic Books, 1984. Originally a speech at the Conference “Facing Apocalypse,” Salve Regina College, Newport, RI, June 1983.
Collected in PoA93b. Also GeD88.  

F94a “Psychotherapy and Aesthetic Justice.” Earth Ethics 5/2. Washington DC: Center for Respect of Life and Environment.

F94b “The Dark Side of Typing.” Who am I? Personality Types for Self-Discovery. Ed. R. Frager. New York: Putnam’s. Excerpt from E80.

G94a “Geography at the End of History.” Lecture, Moorehead State University, Moorhead, MN, Oct. 3.

G94b - “Mind, Memory, Narrative.” Lecture, Montana State University, Bozeman, MT, Oct.

G94c “A Well-Salted Soul.” Lecture, C. G. Jung Foundation, NY.

G94d - “Shall the activity of therapy be considered a work of Civilization or of Culture?” Lecture notes from a talk at the Italian Psychoanalytical Conference, Venezia, Italy, Apr.

G94e “Natural Beauty/Urban Soul.” Titus Lecture, Lesley College, Cambridge, MA, May. Originally a lecture at Konan University, Kobe, Japan, see G91a. Partially published in Spring 1985. Dallas, TX: Spring Publ. 

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