Research Library

Fieldwork Sites (1998-Present)


Community Fieldwork Areas/ Sites Chosen by Students
M.A./Ph.D. Depth Psychology Program, Pacifica Graduate Institute

Blackfeet Reservation, Global Volunteers, Childhood Center
Infant Mental Health Services
Peace College Teen Leadership Camp Boys in foster care
The First Tee, Mew, NH
Five Acres residential care
Teen Trial Girls Group, Secure Transitions
City Scape, Amanecer Community
Counseling Services
Orphanage, Tehran
Alice Birney Elementary School, Colton, CA
Half the Sky Foundation, China
Shanghai Children's Home, China
Agency re. child abuse
Devereux School, Santa Barbara, CA
Designing education with boys in mind,
Santa Fe, NM
Hearts and Hope, children’s bereavement, W. Palm Beach, FL
Support group, parents of children with
eating disorders, Ventura Adult and
Continuing Education
Alternative healing approaches to OCD
Life planning support, Capital H.S.
Nutrition class with teens
Libertory pedagogy, El Monte H.S.
Supportive Parents Information Network
Camp for families with autistic children,
Ojai Foundation
Research on "indigo" children
Summer camp, children with bowel disease
Youth Volunteer Corps, Shawnee
Mission, KS
Childcare workers, Zululand
La Otra Puerta
Life skills/values through golf, First Tee
Teens and electronic media engagement
Teens and My Space engagement
Anger management, Cleaver Family Wellness Center
Colegio Nautilus, Mexico
Youth Opportunities Unlimited Alternative High School, LA
Avalon High School
Mural making, Sibley Nature Center
Crockett High School
Support group for mothers of special needs children, Healthy Families, Douglas, AZ
Carpinteria High School
Escuela Infantil Xipal, Mexico
SB Adult Education film class
Supportive Parents Information Network
Academy of Healing Arts for Teenagers, Santa Barbara, CA
Webster Elementary School, Malibu, CA
Currie Middle School, Tustin, CA
Los Angeles County Outdoor Science School
Home Away from Home educational center
Children’s Trauma Recovery Foundation, Boston, MA
A.V.I.D., Advancement through Independent Determination, San Diego
High Tech Village
California Services for Technical Assistance and Training (CalSTAT)
RISK Learning Center, Seattle

Diversity, Social Justice, Reconciliation, Peacebuilding
Microeconomic initiatives, Dalit women,
Israeli Coalition Against House Demolition,
Jamaicans for Justice
Childcare workers, Zululand
Facing History and Ourselves
Network of Spiritual Progressives
International Women’s Partnership for
Peace and Justice, Thailand
Habitat for Humanity
Women elders, diverse cultural backgrounds, NC
Under-represented groups in urban
planning, Flagstaff
Genocide, Cambodia, U.S.
Elderhostel and the Blackfeet Nation
Psychodrama and trauma, Bosnia and South Africa
Vietnamese refugee experience, Houston
Listening to conflictual development perspectives, Escalante, Utah
Bringing together teens from different
ethnic and racial experiences, Catalina
Island and Los Angeles
Dialogue work, Jewish synagogue,
N. Miami, FL
Spiritual diversity in multicultural company
Tibetan Prayer Flags for Peace, Nyingma Institute, Berkeley, CA
Office for Farmworker Ministry
Theater of the Oppressed,  KS and CA
African-American burial grounds, NYC
Parents/Families of Lesbians and Gays
Homeless communities, Ventura,
Santa Barbara, Lake Merritt, Oakland
Sovereignty issues, American Friends Service Committee, Honolulu
Ukraine Women’s Center, Cherkasy
Mayan Women’s weaving cooperative
Gender issues, truth and reconciliation
work, Northern Ireland
Mutual Aid and Solidarity Conference, New Orleans, LA

Alternative Economics/Housing
Exploring Our Relationships to Wealth
Institute for Sustainable Ethics and Economics
Sustainable economics
Co-Housing Communities
Seeds of Simplicity, Los Angeles
Wealth relations, Santa Fe
Microeconomic initiatives, Dalit women,
Quaker intentional communities
Really Really Free Markets, Bresee Nazarene Church, Pasadena, CA

Nuclear Witness
Hanford Nuclear Test Site
Three Petroglyps and Trinity Test Site
Tri-County Committee Against Radioactive Environments
Interviews, callings into nuclear peace activism
Nuclear nonproliferation

Restorative Justice/Juvenile Justice/
Prison Reform
Native American inmates, Salinas Valley
State Prison
Los Angeles Central Juvenile Hall
Portlaoise Prison, Ireland
Prison guards
The Fortune Society, NY
Juvenile Hall, Butte County
Probation officers
Teaching Peace, restorative justice circles
Prisons in US and Ireland
Religious Services Dept., Oregon State Women's Prison
Dallas Institute for Culture and Humanities
Nye County Juvenile Justice Division
Milipitas Correctional Facility
In-Custody Drug Treatment Program, CA Department of Corrections

St. Joseph Catholic Church
Green Mountain Dharma Center
Chaplains in psychiatric hospitals
Network of Spiritual Progressives
Saint John’s Seminary, Camarillo, CA
Catholic Church chapters meeting
Lay Eucharistic Ministry, Episcopal Church
Global Renaissance Alliance
Notre Dame Cathedral, Chartres
Zen garden
Zen monastery
Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, NC
Habitat for Humanity, Maine, CA, Fiji
The Temple of Understanding, NY
Jewish participants of the Get (divorce ritual)
Ordo Templis Orientis
Tassajara Retreat Center, San Francisco Zen Center
Teen church youth group
Office for Farmworker Ministry
Prison ministry
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Mc Gowan House Center, Saint James
Episcopal Church, Monterey
Sisters of Saint Josephs, Concordia, KS
Spiritual directors
Interim, spirituality and recovery, Monterey, CA
Merton Institute of Contemplative Living
Condomblé, Ceu de Mapia, Brazil
Presbyterian Counseling Center, FL
Cleveland area Episcopal churches
House of Sufism, Los Angeles
Clergy in transition out of ministry
Redwoods Monastery
Quantum Christians
St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Healdsburg, CA

Animals / Interspecies
Humane Society, Pasadena ASPCA
Therapy for Handi-Capable Equestrians,
Hemet, CA
Interviews re. animal abuse
Interspecies culture, pet loss group
Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Southern Oregon University
Animal rights/elephants,
Woodland Park Zoo
Soundwatch, Whale Museum, Friday
Best Friends Animal Society, New Orleans
Animal assisted therapy, St. Vincents
Medical Center, NY
Post-Katrina dog rescues
Cougar rescue, Oregon
Buffalo Woman Ranch
Interviews, environmental educators
Members of sustainable communities
1st experience of animal-kill
Ojai Raptor Center
Wildlife Waystation, Angeles National Forest
Wildlife Care of Ventura County


Place Based Studies/Ecology
High Sierra Rural Alliance, Sierra City, CA
Catalina Island (teens and place)
Flagstaff city planning
Integration of wilderness experience,
Esalen  Institute and Tassajara Zen Center
Mitchell Caverns
Contemplation Point, Lake Michigan
Creation of school garden, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Montecito
Findhorm Ecovillage, Scotland
Archetype of the flower, flower essnces
Threat of oversettlement, Ontario
Medway, MA
Harmony Grove land preservation
Green Gulch Zen Center Farm, CA
Rio Grande Valley Nature Camp, NM
Auraria Library, Denver, CO
Maya Research Program, archaelogical excavation, Belize
Animas Valley Institute
Depth psychological explorations of masculine/feminine in Alaska
Eco-activism interviews
Santa Fe Greenhouses
Santa Fe Community Farm
Escalante, Utah
Mexican / U.S.A. border
Sensitively situating houses
Animus Valley Institute
Bend, Oregon
School of Lost Borders, Big Pine, CA
Ketchum, architectual guidelines planning
Stream restoration with fostercare boys
Catalina Island Conservancy
Native Amer. ways of relating to place
L.A. County Outdoor Science School
California Missions
Dignity Village
Sustainability, Eugene, OR
Everglades, FL
Ecology and dreams
Japanese Garden, NY
Three Rivers Petroglyphs, NM
The soul of Basalt, photovoice
Dog rescue, post-Katrina
Golden Gate Bridge

Imaginal/Arts Based Communities/Dreams
Guthrie Theater, Minneapolis
Popular music performance
Living Museum, Long Beach
Dreamwork, women in recovery,
Dreamwork,YANA, Music City Recovery Residences, Nashville
Studio of Jana Silverman
Susana Buyo's Alebrijes Workshop,
Mexico City
Willie Clancy Summer Music School, Ireland
Group re. dream text as poetry
Armenian  and Greek dance, Fresno
Art in Portland
Hellinger Constellation work, Santa Barbara Graduate Institute
Ballroom Dancing, Dominican Republic
Theatre of the Oppressed, Friendship House and Catherine's Place, Kansas City,
Art Trek, Westlake Village
Saint Joseph Ballet, Santa Ana, CA
Free Arts for Abused Children
Dreamwork, Davidson County Drug Court
Interviews with dancers
Butoh, Martin Studio, N. Hollywood, CA
Joseph Campbell Round Table
The Lensic Theater, Santa Fe
Dream Institute of Northern California
Interviews, artists re. creative impulse
Spoken Word Movement

Strategic level leaders dialogue group
Failing company (dynamics)
Religion in a multicultural workplace
Metaphors in the workplace
Downsized employees
Entrepreneurship training, Babson
Shasta Co. Social Services
Failane Credit
Radiant Systems, Alpharetta, GA
Power and corporate women
Lean manufacturing and middle managers

Health/Illness/Death &Dying/Elderly
Cancer patients lacking insurance coverage
Women in alternative healing
Shadow of heathcare
Cedars-Sinai Medical Complex, LA
UC Davis Hospice
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
San Luis Obispo County Mental Health
Creating sanctuary, Northridge Hospital
ALS Association
Full Circle Counseling Center, Pensacola, FL
Shahib Navab Safavy Psychiatric Hospital, Iran
Cottage Hospital, Santa Barbara
Hospice of Northeast Georgia Medical Center
Pilgrimage to Lourdes, people with ALS
Hospice of Western Reserve, Cleveland
Addiction Program, Santa Maria Hospital, Houston
AIDS hospice, S. Africa
Hospice Brazos Valley
Self-help for caregivers
Somatic experiencing and trauma
Halcyon Hospice, Mead, CO
Enloe Behavioral Health, Chico, CA
Trauma healing and somatic therapies
Day unit for chronic schizophrenics
Neuropsychiatric Hospital, UCLA
Lewis Family Cancer Care Center
Sufferers of long-term illness
Neuropsychiatric hospital
Colville Healing Arts Center
Chinese medicine practitioners
Pet therapy, St. Vincent’s Catholic Medical
Visiting Nurses/Hospice Care, Santa Barbara
Aegis of Napa, Alzheimer care
Community Assistance Program (Seniors)
Alzheimer's Unit
Hospice of Saint John, CO
Alzheimer's Disease Research Center
Alzheimer's Association
Hospice of the Sun Coast
Healdsburg Senior Center

Hillary Clinton Senatorial Campaign
Nader/Gonzalez presidential campaign, ‘08
Third party initiatives

Men's/Boys Studies
Male Voices Project
Male spousal bereavement
Georgia O'Keefe Museum Arts and
Leadership program for boys
Domestic Violence Solutions
Interviews with "johns"
Men’s domestic violence group, Xalapa, MX

Military cadence call, U.S. soldiers’
recruit training
War veterans retreat
Rescuer story circles

African-American Studies
African-American men and the unconscious trauma of slavery
African Burial Ground Memorial Site, NYC
African-American women, "the Orphic Turn,"
Charlotte, NC
African-American daughters
African-American women re. wisdom
African-American church elders,  L.A.
Avery Research Center for African-
American Culture & History, Charlestown, SC
African-Americans traveling to Ghana
African-American Women Writers &
Sacred Space

Gay/Lesbian Studies
PFLAG (Parents/Families of Lesbians and Gays)
Project Angel Food (AIDS)
Childhoods of Gay men
Same sex relations, interviews
Gay men re leadership
AIDS/Life Cycle Ride

Women's/Girls' Studies
Indigenous grandmothers council gathering, Lincoln City, Oregon
Rape Counseling Service of Fresno
Women’s Circle, Casa de Maria Retreat Center
Cloth Making and the Feminine,
Ojai Valley Youth Foundation
Tantric women
African Women’s Coalition, Portland
Women’s Circle, Ojai Foundation
Leadership program, teen girls
Crone work through film
Mother/Daughter relationships
Bicultural and Multicultural Women
Harley-Davidson older women riders
Change in Lives of Midlife Women
Women involved in Jiu Jitsu
Women R.V. dwellers, Santa Barbara
Association for Prenatal and Perinatal
Psychology and Health
Mothers of murdered daughters
Women and the experience of the divine
Women & Valenciana community
Critical consciousness re. caregiving
Women in long term marriages
Welfare to work mothers
Women Transforming Community
Women in alternative healing
Maternal ways of knowing and activism
Women and empowerment
Women and divorce
Women and wilderness
Ukraine Women's Center, Cherkasy
International Women’s Partnership for
Peace and Justice, Thailand

Martial Arts/Sports/Yoga
Windy City Pro-Wrestlers
The Moving Center, Aikido Dojo, Ventura, CA
Karate community
First Tee
Indian School for Martial Arts
Interviews, surfers
Golden Bridge Yoggi Kundalini, pre- and
post natal
Temecula Valley, JiuJitsu, Murrieta, CA
Temecula Valley Judo
Research on marathoners
Bikram yoga

Assorted and Convened Communities
World Corp, Yucatan
Social capitol through the Chilypiad,
San Marcos, TX
Alcoholics Anonymous
Second generation cult survivors
Feng Shui practitioners
Hillary Clinton Senatorial Campaign
Spiritual cinema creators
Meetings to establish Center for
Psychology and Public Policy
Foundation for Change
Underground voices from Master Slave community
Somatescapes, lived body as space/place and landscape
Romance Writers of America
Shamanistic experience, Power Path, Santa Fe
Karaoke communities
Borges reading group
Phenomenology of hearing loss
Injection drug users and undocumented suicide, Seattle
St. Elizabeth’s Shelter, Santa Fe, NM
Family Recovery Home, Wiliston, ND
Families, Alaska Air Flight 261 victims
Interviews re Harry Potter series

Some modalities of work engaged in:
Testimonios, dialogue, council, stories/narrative, witness, development of critical consciousness/seeing through/ deconstruction, heuristic research, phenomenological research, participatory research, hermeneutic research, film viewing, film making, expressive arts of various kinds, sandtray, dreamwork, drama, active imagination, guided imagery, meditation, open space learning, handball tournaments, oral history, interviews, eco-dreaming, participation in ongoing activities of the site, dancing, study of metaphor and image/symbol, group art making, storytelling, Karaoke, karate, martial arts, constellation process in family therapy, collaborative play techniques, theatre of the oppressed exercises, stream restoration, Butoh, psychodrama, conflict resolution, Hellinger Constellation work, archaeology, compassionate listening, mythology, collaborative play, self-advocacy techniques, event study, wilderness travel, cultural audit, social dreaming, ritual, processes for forgiveness, somatic trauma resolution, healing touch, somatic movement therapy, Zen meditation, interspecies communication