Leadership Conference

Presentations by:
Stephen Aizenstat
Alan Briskin
Karen Dietz
Cathy Diorio
Arthur Colman
Betty Sue Flowers
Matthew Fox
Andy Lower
Pilar Montero
Carol Pearson
Michael Sipiora
Mary Watkins

June 8 thru 10, 2012 in Santa Barbara, California

Friday, June 8
3:00-9:00 PM
Saturday, June 9
9:00 AM-5:45 PM
Sunday, June 10
9:00 AM-1:00 PM 

12 Continuing Education Credits
for MFTs, LCSWs, and RNs

Accommodations are available at Pacifica’s Ladera Lane Campus and
the Best Western Carpinteria Inn

$375 General Admission
$325 Special Admission
 Full-Time Students, Pacifica
 Alumni, and Seniors

$300 Active Pacifica Students
$325 Professional and Organization Group Discount
3 or More Participants

Fees include Friday dinner; Saturday
breakfast, lunch, and dinner; and Sunday breakfast and lunch; extra meals available are Friday breakfast ($12.50) and Friday lunch ($17.75)


All Pre-Conference Workshops take place on Friday, June 8, 9:00 AM–1:00 PM.  Choose which of the three workshops you want to attend when you register.
$115 Fee includes Friday breakfast and lunch

4 Continuing Education Credits for MFTs, LCSWs, and RNs.
Space is limited in all Pre-Conference Workshops

Beyond Scapegoating
Pilar Montero and Arthur Colman
The scapegoat is defined as a person or subgroup made to bear the anxious blame for others by suffering in their place. Paradoxically this process of scapegoating represents the groups’ push towards its own parochial wholeness by excluding its disparate elements. In this workshop Pilar Montero and Arthur Colman will attempt to redefine this universal collective process by encouraging the transformation of the scapegoat image into one which personifies the groups’ creative potential. Effigies (large figurines rich in archetypal and symbolic meaning), dreams and other symbolic tools will be used with the hope of imagining and recreating unproductive process and roles into more constructive leadership options for the individuals and the group.

Arthur CArthur D. Colman, M.D., is a Jungian Analyst and Clinical Professor of Psychiatry. He is the author of Up From Scapegoating: Awakening Consciousness in Groups; and Earth Father, Sky Father. Along with Eliane Ubalijoro, Ph.D., he has a chapter, “Transmuting Suffering: A Leadership and Advising Perspective,” in the forthcoming book, Transformative Leadership, edited by Carol Pearson.

Pilar MPilar Montero, Ph.D., is a Social Psychologist and Jungian Analyst. Her latest articles are “Isolde’s Sexual Rage: The Role of Transformation” in Leitmotive, The Wagner Quarterly and “Collective Consciousness and the Psychology of Human Interconnectedness” in the journal, Group.

Drs. Colman and Montero have worked together for 40 years exploring unconscious and archetypal process in groups and organizations. They have applied depth methodology locally and internationally with as varied a purpose as work with business and government leaders and boards; shamanic healing in Mexico; the post apartheid redistribution of power in South Africa; the scapegoating of the poor in southern Appalachia and Peoples’ Park in Berkeley. They live together in Sausalito, California.

Sacred Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship:
Catalyzing Capital to Eradicate Extreme Poverty

Andy Lower
Eleos Foundation, located on the campus of Pacifica Graduate Institute, is a non-profit organization oriented around “compassion combined with action.” It implements a leadership model based on a view of Sacred Leadership, which recognizes that leadership is about purpose, not the person, and provides an optimistic, yet realistic, vision of creating a positive future in which the greatest good is served. Sacred Leadership provides a new context for leading organizations that is grounded in mission and guided by values. In line with its mission, Eleos invests in early stage social entrepreneurs pioneering high impact, market-based solutions that eradicate extreme poverty. Eleos undertakes the necessary due diligence, creates investment vehicles, and forges the connections between investors and social entrepreneurs. This workshop will provide participants with a clear picture and concrete examples of what it takes to enact genuine solutions to the real world problem of extreme poverty, along with insight into the remarkable synergy of Sacred Leadership and social entrepreneurship.

Andy LAndy Lower, M.A., J.D., is Executive Director of the Eleos Foundation. Previously he was with an international philanthropic advisory firm where he provided investment advice to U.S. and Middle Eastern clients and spearheaded a number of international partnership initiatives. He has worked in a variety of sectors in the developing world and has special interest in working with community-based organizations.

Finding Feminine Voice in A Corporate World:
An Archetypal Exploration of Women, Leadership, and Authenticity

Cathy Diorio
What is an authentic voice and how does one cultivate it? Can leaders speak with an authentic voice? Viewing the myth of Medusa and Athena through an archetypal lens, we will examine the roots of the deep split in the feminine in the West, both culturally and personally, and its attendant cost—the self-silencing, or sacrifice, of authentic voice. In Greek mythology, Athena is the epitome of the powerful woman and the female voice of the established order, “the equal of her father in power and prudent understanding” (Hesiod). Yet in Athena’s, or the powerful woman’s, identification with the masculine, something vital is lost. Using examples from the corporate and political arenas, and working mythopoetically, we will explore what traditionally has been sacrificed in order to cultivate a voice that can be heard in the culture so that we can begin to assemble a more robust and integrated vision of women and voice that re-members the feminine and creates a more resonant and generative narrative for women in leadership.

Cathy DCathy Diorio, Ph.D., serves on the Board of Directors of Opus Archives and Research Center. She has held senior leadership roles in finance at PepsiCo and as a management consultant, but left her executive career to heed the call of the soul. She now pursues leadership coaching and research on voicelessness in powerful women. She holds a Ph.D. in Mythological Studies from Pacifica Graduate Institute and an MBA in Finance from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business.