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Editorial note  v

Translator's note  viii

List of plates  xii

Foreward  xiii

I.   The components of the coniunctio  3

  1.  The opposites

  2.  The quaternio and the mediating role of Mercurius

  3.  The orphan, the widow, and the moon

  4.  Alchemy and Manichaeism

II.  The paradoxa  42

  1.  The arcane substance and the point

  2.  The scintilla

  3.  The enigma of Bologna

III. The personification of the opposites  89

  1.  Introduction

  2.  Sol

  3.  Sulphur

  4.  Luna

  5.  Sal

IV.  Rex and Regina  258

  1.  Introduction

  2.  Gold and spirit

  3.  The transformation of the king

  4.  The regeneration of the king (Ripley's Cantilena)

  5.  The dark side of the king

  6.  The king as Anthropos

  7.  The relation of the king-symbol to consciousness

  8.  The religious problem of the king's renewal

  9.  Regina

V.   Adam and Eve  382

  1.  Adam as the arcane substance

  2.  The statue

  3.  Adam as the first adept

  4.  The polarity of Adam

  5.  The "old Adam"

  6.  The transformation

  7.  Rotundum, head and brain

  8.  Adam as totality

VI.  The Conjunction  457

  1.  The alchemical view of the union of opposites

  2.  Stages of The conjunction

  3.  The production of the quintessence

  4.  The meaning of the alchemical procedure

  5.  The psychological interpretation of the procedure

  6.  Self-knowledge

  7.  The Monocolus

  8.  The content and meaning of the first two stages

  9.  The third stage: The unus mundus

 10. The self and the bounds of knowledge

Epilogue    554

Appendix: Latin and Greek Texts    557

Bibliography  601

Index  649

Table of paragraph correlations  697