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Editorial note to the second edition  v

Translator's note  vi

Forward to the Swiss edition (1958)  vii

List of illustrations  xiii

Part one   General problems of psychotherapy

Principles of practical psychotherapy

(1935) pp. 3-20.

What is psychotherapy

(1935) pp. 21-28.

Some aspects of modern psychotherapy

(1930) pp. 29-35.

The aims of psychotherapy

(1931) pp. 36-52.

Problems of modern psychotherapy

(1931) pp. 53-75.

Psychotherapy and a philosophy of life

(1946) pp. 76-84.

Medicine and psychotherapy

(1945) pp. 84-93.

Psychotherapy today

(1946) pp. 94-110.

Fundamental questions of psychotherapy

(1951) pp. 111 - 125.

Part two   Specific problems of psychotherapy

The therapeutic value of abreaction

(1928) pp. 129-139.

The practical use of dream-analysis

(1934) pp. 139-161.

    Also available via ebrary.

The psychology of the transference: An account of the transference phenomena based on the illustrations to the Rosarium Philosophorum.

(1946) pp. 163-323.

    The psychology of the transference is also available as an ebook via ebrary

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  1.  The mercurial fountain

  2.  King and Queen

  3.  The naked truth

  4.  Immersion in the bath

  5.  The conjunction

  6.  Death

  7.  The ascent of the soul

  8.  Purification

  9.  The return of the soul

  10. The new birth


Appendix: The realities of practical psychotherapy.

(1937) pp. 327-338.

Bibliography, p. 339

Index, p. 357

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