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Prefatory note to the English edition  v

Editorial note to the first edition  vii

Editorial note to the second edition  viii

Translator's note  ix

Forward to the Swiss edition  x

List of illustrations  xv

Part I   Introduction to the religious and psychological problems of alchemy  pp. 1-37

    Also available as a chapter from the book Jung on Christianity (ebrary).

Part II   Individual dream symbolism in relation to alchemy

    Also available via ebrary as a chapter in an anthology on dreams

Chapter 1. Introduction  pp. 39-46

   I. The material  pp. 41-43

   II. The method  pp. 43-46

Chapter 2. The initial dreams  pp. 47-93

Chapter 3. The symbolism of the mandala

   I.   Concerning the mandala  pp. 95-102

   II.  The mandalas in the dreams  pp. 103-202

   III. The vision of the world clock  pp. 203-214

   IV. The symbols of the self  pp. 215-223

Part III   Religious ideas in alchemy  pp. 225-472

Chapter 1. Basic concepts of alchemy

   I.   Introduction  pp. 227-241

   II.  The alchemical process and its stages  pp. 228-202

   III. Conceptions and symbols of the goal  pp. 232-241

Chapter 2. The psychic nature of the alchemical work

   I.   The projection of psychic contents  pp. 242-254

   II.  The mental attitude toward the opus  pp. 255-274

   III. Meditation and imagination  pp. 274-280

   IV. Soul and body  pp. 280-287

Chapter 3. The work

   I.   The method  pp. 288-295

   II.  The spirit in matter  pp. 295-306

   III. The work of redemption  pp. 306-316

Chapter 4. The prima materia

   I.   Synonyms for the materia  pp. 317-320

   II.  The increatum  pp. 320-323

   III. Ubiquity and perfection  pp. 323-327

   IV. The king and the king's son  pp. 327-132

   V.  The myth of the hero  pp. 333-339

   VI. The hidden treasure  pp. 340-344

Chapter 5. The lapis-Christ parallel

   I.   The renewal of life  pp. 345-355

   II.  Evidence for the religious interpretation of the lapis-Christ  pp. 357-358

Chapter 6. Alchemical symbolism in the history of religion

   I.   The unconscious as the matrix of symbols  pp. 432-434

   II.  The paradigm of the unicorn  pp. 435-438

EPILOGUE   p. 473

Bibliography   p. 485

Index   p. 525