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Editorial note  vii

I   The Tavistock lectures: On the theory and practice of analytical psychology

(1935) pp. 5-182.

Lecture I


Lecture II


Lecture III


Lecture IV


Lecture V


II  Symbols and the interpretation of dreams

(1961) pp. 185-264.

    Symbols and the interpretation of dreams is also available via the ebrary ebook collection.

The significance of dreams

The functions of the unconscious

The language of dreams

The problem of types in dream interpretation

The archetype in dream symbolism

The function of religious symbols

Healing the split

III  The symbolic life

(1939) pp. 267-290.


IV  On Occultism  (CW, vol. 1)  

On spiritualistic phenomena

(1905) pp. 293-308.

Foreword to Jung: Phenomenes occultes (Occult phenomena)

(1938) pp. 309-311.

Psychology and spiritualism

(1948) pp. 312-31.

Foreword to Moser: Spuk: Irrglaube oder Wahrglaube? (Ghost: false belief or true)

(1950) pp. 317-326.

Foreword to Jaffe: Apparitions and precognition.

(1957) pp. 327-329.

V  The psychogenesis of mental disease  (CW, vol. 3)  

The present status of applied psychology

(1908) pp. 333-334.

On dementia praccox

(1908) pp. 335.

Review of Sadger: Konrad Ferdinand Meyer (A pathographic-psychological study)

(1909) pp. 336-338.

Review of Waldstein: Das unbewusste lch (Thesubconscious self)

(1909) pp. 339-342.

Crime and the soul

(1932) pp. 343-346.

The question of medical intervention

(1950) pp. 347-348.

Forword to Custance: Wisdon, madness and folly

(1951) pp. 349-352.

Foreword to Perry: The self in psychotic process

(1953) pp. 353-356.

Foreword to Schmaltz: Komplexe Psychologie und korperliches Symptom (Complex psychology and somatic symptom)

(1950) pp. 357-358.

VI  Freud and psychoanalysis  (CW, vol. 4)  

Sigmund Freud: On dreams

(1901) pp. 361-368.

Review of Hellpach: Grundlinien einer Psychologie der Hysterie (Basics of a psychology of hysteria)

(1905) pp. 369-373.

Reviews of psychiatric literature

(1906-10) pp. 374-387.

The significance of Freud's theory for neurology and psychiatry

(1907) pp. 388-389.

Review of Stekel: Nervose Angstzustande und ihre Behandlung (Conditions of nervous anxiety and their treatment))

(1908) pp. 390-391.

Editorial preface to the Jahrbuch (Yearbook)

(1909) p. 392.

Marginal notes on Wittels: Die sexuelle Not (Sexual privation)

(1910) pp. 393-396.

Review of Wulffen: Der Sexualverbrecher (The sexual offender)

(1910) p. 397

Abstracts of the psychological works of Swiss authors (to the end of 1909)

(1910) pp. 398-421

Review of Hitschmann: Freud's Neurosenlehre (Freud's theory of neurosis)

(1911) p. 422.

Annual report by the president of the International Psychoanalytic Association

(1911) pp. 423-426.

Two letters on psychoanalysis

(1912) pp. 427-429.

On the psychoanalytic treatment of nervous disorders

(1912) pp. 430-432.

A comment on Tausk's criticism of Nelken

(1913) pp. 433-437.

Answers to questions on Freud

(1953) pp. 438-440.

VII  On Symbolism  (CW, vol. 5)  

The concept of ambivalence

(1910) pp. 443-445.

Contributions to symbolism

(1911) p. 446

VIII  Two essays on analytical psychology  (CW, vol. 7)  

Adaptation, individuation, collectivity

(1916) pp. 449-454.

Foreword to the Hungarian edition of Jung: On the psychology of the unconsciously

(1944) pp. 455-456.

IX  The structure and dynamics of the psyche  (CW, vol. 8)  

Forewords to Jung: Uber psychische Energetik und das Wesen der Traume (On psychic energetics and the nature of dreams)

(1928, 1947) p. 459-460

On hallucination

(1933) p. 461.

Foreword to Schleich: Die Wunder der Seele (The miracles of the soul)

(1934) pp. 462-466.

Foreword to Jacobi: The psychology of C. G. Jung

(1947) pp. 467-468.

Foreword to Harding: Psychic energy

(1947) pp. 469-470.

Address on the occasion of the founding of the C. G. Jung Institute, Zurich, 24 April 1948

pp. 471-476.

Depth psychology

(1948) pp. 477-486.

Foreword to the first volume of studies from the C. G. Jung Institute

(1948) pp. 487-488.

Foreword to Frieda Fordham: Introduction to Jung's psychology

(1952) pp. 489-490.

Foreword to Michael Fordham: New developments in analytical psychology

(1957) pp. 491-493.

An astrological experiment

(1958) pp. 494-501.

Letters on synchronicity

  To Markus Fierz (1950, 1954) pp. 502-507.

  To Michael Fordham (1955) pp. 508-509.

The future of parapsychology

(1960) pp. 510-511.

X  The archetypes and the collective unconscious  (CW, vol. 9)  

The hypothesis of the collective unconscious

(1932) pp. 515-516.

Foreword to Adler: Entdeckung der Seele (Discovery of the soul)

(1933) p. 517.

Foreword to Harding: Woman's mysteries

(1948) pp. 518-520.

Foreword to Neumann: The origins and history of consciousness

(1949) pp. 521-522.

Foreword to Adler: Studies in analytical psychology

(1949) pp. 523-524.

Foreword to Jung: Gestaltungen des Unbewussten (Configurations of the unconscious)

(1949) pp. 525-526.

Foreword to Wickes: Von der inneren Welt des Menschen (The inner world of man)

(1953) pp. 527-528.

Foreword to Jung: Von den Wurzeln des Bewusstseins (From the roots of consciousness)

(1953) p. 529.

Foreword to van Helsdingen: Beelden uit het Onbewuste (Pictures from the unconscious)

(1954) pp. 530-531.

Foreword to Jacobi: Complex/archetype/symbol

(1956) pp. 532-533.

Foreword to Bertine: Human relationships

(1956) pp. 534-536.

Preface to de Laszlo: Psyche and symbol

(1957) pp. 537-542.

Foreword to Brunner: Die Anima als Schicksalsproblem des Mannes (The anima as a problem in the man's fate)

(1959) pp. 543-547.

XI  Civilization in transition  (CW, vol. 10)  

Report on America

(1910) p. 551

On the psychology of the Negro

(1912) p. 552

A radio talk in Munich

(1930) pp. 553-557.

Forewords to Jung: Seelenprobleme der Gegenwart (Contemporary Psychic Problems)

(1930, 1932, 1959) pp. 558-560.

Foreword to Aldrich: The primitive mind and modern civilization

(1931) pp. 561-563.

Press communique on visiting the United States

(1936) pp. 564-565.

Psychology and national problems

(1936) pp. 566-581.

Return to the simple life

(1941) pp. 582-588.

Epilogue to Jung: L'Homme a la decouverte de son ame (Modern man in search of a soul)

(1944) pp. 589-590.

Marginalia on contemporary events

(1945) pp. 591-603.

Answers to "Mishmar" on Adolph Hitler

(1945) pp. 604-605.

Techniques of attitude change conducive to world peace: Memorandum to Unesco

(1948) pp. 606-613.

The effect of technology on the human psyche

(1949) pp. 614-615.

Foreword to Neumann: Depth psychology and a new ethic

(1949) pp. 616-622.

Foreword to Baynes: Analytical psychology and the English mind

(1950) pp. 623-624.

The rules of life

(1954) p. 625.

On flying saucers

(1954) pp. 626-631.

   Statement to the United Press International

    (1959) pp. 631-632.

   Letter to Keyhoe

    (1958) pp. 632-633.

Human nature does not yield easily to idealistic advice

(1955) pp. 634-635.

On the Hungarian uprising

(1956) p. 636.

On psychodiagnostics

(1958) p. 637.

If Christ walked the Earth today

(1958) p. 638.

Foreword to Hugh Crichton-Miller, 1877-1959

(1960) pp. 639-641.

XII  Psychology and religion  (CW, vol. 11)  

Why I am not a Catholic

(1944) pp. 645-647.

    Why I am not a Catholic is also available via the ebrary ebook collection.

The definition of demonism

(1945) p. 648.

Foreword to Jung: Symbolik des Geistes (Symbolism of the spirit)

(1947) pp. 649-650.

Foreword to Quispel: Tragic Christianity

(1949) pp. 651-653.

Foreword to Abegg: Ostasien denkt anders (East Asia thinks otherwise)

(1949) pp. 654-655.

Foreword to Allenby: A psychological study of the origins of monotheism

(1950) pp. 656-659.

The miraculous fast of Brother Klaus

(1951) pp. 660-661.

Concerning Answer to Job

(1952) p. 662.

Religion and psychology: A reply to Martin Buber

(19) pp. 663-670.

Address at the presentation of the Jung Codex

(1953) pp. 671-672.

Letter to Pere Bruno

(1953) pp. 673-678.

Letter to Pere Lachat

(1954) pp. 679-691.

On Resurrection

(1954) pp. 692-696.

On the discourses of the Buddha

(1955?) pp. 697-699.

Foreword to Froboese-Thiele: Traume—eine Quelle religioser Erfahrung (Dreams—a source of religious experience)

(1957) pp. 700-70.

Jung and religious belief

(1956) pp. 702-744.

XIII  Alchemical studies  (CW, vols. 12, 13, 14)  

Foreword to a catalogue on alchemy

(1946) p. 747.

Faust and alchemy

(1949) pp. 748-750.

Alchemy and psychology

(1950) pp. 751-753.

XIV  The spirit in man, art, and literature  (CW, vol. 15)  

Memorial to Jerome Schloss

(1927) pp. 757-758.

Foreword to Schmid-Guisan: Tag und Nacht (Day and night)

(1931) pp. 759-761.

On the Tale of the Otter

(1932) pp. 762-764.

Is there a Freudian type of poetry?

(1932) pp. 765-766.

Foreword to Gilbert: The curse of intellect

(1934) p. 767.

Foreword to Jung: Wirklichkeit der Seele

(1933) pp. 768-76.

Foreword to Mehlich: J. H. Fichte's Seelenlehre und ihre Beziehung zur Gegenwart (J. H. Fichte's psychology and its relation to the present)

(1935) pp. 770-772.

Foreword to von Koenig-Fachsenfeld: Wandlungen des Traumproblems von der Romantik his zur Gegenwart (Transformations of dream problems from Romanticism to the present)

(1935) pp. 773-775.

Foreword to Gilli: Der dunkle Bruder (The dark brother)

(1938) pp. 776-778.

Gérard de Nerval

(1945) p. 779.

Foreword to Fierz-David: The dream of Poliphilo

(1946) pp. 780-781.

Foreword to Crottet: Mondwald (Moon-forest)

(1949) pp. 782-783.

Foreword to Jacobi: Paracelsus: selected writings

(1949) pp. 784-785.

Foreword to Kankeleit: Das Unbewusste als Keimstatte des Schopferischen (The unconscious as the seedbed of the creative)

(1959) pp. 786-787.

Foreword to Serrano: The visits of the Queen of Sheba

(1960) p. 788.

Is there a true bilingualism?

(1961) p. 789.

XV  The Practice of psychotherapy  (CW, vol. 16)  

Review of Heyer: Der Organismus der seele (The organism of the mind)

(1933) pp. 793-794.

Review of Heyer: Praktische Seelenheilkunde (Practical psychotherapy)

(1936) pp. 794-796.

On the Rosarium philosophorum

(1937) pp. 797-800.

Preface to an Indian journal of psychotherapy

(1955) p. 801.

On pictures in psychiatric diagnosis

(1959) p. 802.

XVI  The Development of the personality  (CW, vol. 17)  

Foreword to Evans: The problem of the nervous child

(1919) pp. 805-806.

Foreword to Harding: The way of all women

(1932) pp. 807-810.

Depth psychology and self-knowledge

(1943) pp. 811-819.

Foreword to Spier: The hands of children

(1944) pp. 820-821.

Foreword to the Hebrew edition of Jung Psychology and education

(1955) p. 822.


Forward to: Psychologische Abhandlungen, Volume I (Psychological papers)

(1914) p. 825.

Address at the presentation of the Jung Codex [longer version]

(1953) p. 826-829.


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