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Editorial note to the first edition

Editorial note to the second edition

I   On the psychology of the unconscious

I.    Psychoanalysis

pp. 9-18.

II.   The Eros theory

pp. 19-29.

III. The other point of view: The will to power

pp. 30-40.

IV.  The problem of attitude-type

pp. 41-63.

V.   The personal and the collective (or transpersonal) unconscious

pp. 64-79.

VI.  The synthetic or constructive method

pp. 80-89.

VII. The archetypes of the collective unconscious

pp. 90-113.

VIII. General remarks on the therapeutic approach to the unconscious

pp. 114-118.


p. 119.

II  The relations between the ego and the unconscious

Preface to the second edition, p. 123

Preface to the third edition, p. 125

Part one The effects of the unconscious upon consciousness

I.   The personal and the collective unconscious

pp. 127-138.

II.  Phenomena resulting from the assimilation of the unconscious

pp. 139-155.

III. The persona as segment of the collective psyche

pp. 156-162.

VI. Negative attempts to free the individuality from the collective psyche

a. Regressive restoration of the persona
pp. 163-168.

b. Identification with the collective psyche
pp. 169-171.

Part two   Individuation

I.  The function of the unconscious

pp. 173-187.

II. Anima and animus

pp. 188-211.

III.The technique of differentiation between the ego and the figure of the unconscious

pp. 212-226.

IV. The mana personality

pp. 227-241.


I.  New paths in psychology

pp. 245-268.

II. The structure of the unconscious

pp. 269-273.