M.A./Ph.D. in Mythological Studies

  Program Videos

Below is a small collection of some interviews shot for the Mythological Studies Program. This is part of an effort by Pacifica Graduate Institute to showcase the many talented individuals involved in moving myth and depth forward in todays world. Check back often as new Mythological Studies program videos will be added frequently.

Evans Lansing Smith, Ph.D. Chair, Mythological Studies Program 1:06
Lans talks about the essence of Pacifica's Mythological Studies Program .

Pacifica Student :36
A myth student discusses why he chose the Mythological Studies Program
 M.A./Ph.D. Myth Program 8:10
An eight-minute overview of the Mythological Studies program
 V. Walter Odajnyk, Ph.D. 3:23
Walter discusses Joseph Campbell's influence on the Mythological Studies Program.
Alumnus 2:29
Dara discusses how she came to study Mythology.
 Pacifica Student :51
A Myth student discusses how Joseph Campbell's influence led him to choose the Mythological Studies Program.
 Evans Lansing Smith 5:25
Campbell, T.S. Eliot, Buddha, and Mythology