Mythological Studies Student Journal

A Letter from the Editor:

Dear Readers,

Welcome to Volume 5 of the Mythological Studies Journal, once again featuring essays and articles by students enrolled in the Mythological Studies MA/PhD program at Pacifica Graduate Institute. These writers include students currently enrolled in course work as well as those working on their doctoral dissertations.

The title for this year is: "Violence in America" and the five essays chosen for this inaugural thematic approach all touch upon this subject from differing perspectives. Also new to this year, we are introducing a new section - a compilation of all five essays into a single downloadable file.

There are many ways to experience violence. We can consider it as brutal physical acts, as assaults or wars; as passive forms of violence expressed as oppression, impoverishment, or marginalization by class, gender or ethnicity; or as disturbances within our psyche. Regardless how we view this phenomenon, we cannot ignore it nor can we resist it. Violence, whatever its form, is complex and mythic -- deeply embedded within our psyche.

Though these essays do not cover every aspect of the definition above, they do ask us to reconsider what violence can be in different forms. The first essay covers the alienation of men and the resulting violence; next we see a different face of violence: sadomasochism as a potentially transformative force, thirdly, violence as soul-making. In the fourth essay, we are taken into the underworld with post-partum depression as abduction, and finally, a look at the violent irruption of the unconscious - the shadow into our awareness.

I hope the readers will see this subject in ways that we may not have considered in the past and come to a fresher view of what is "Violence in America".

Many thanks are due to Nicky Tannion, our Managing Editor and to Matthew Wheeler, our Technical Editor, and especially to our faculty advisor, Dr. Dennis Patrick Slattery. The Editorial Board would also like to thank all of the peer-reviewers and authors. I am extremely appreciative of the time and effort that all have contributed to this publication - thank you for all of your hard work.

Fujio Mandeville, M.A.

Myth Journal, Volume V-Violence in America
Violence in America Poster small
Good Man Down: The Myth of Masculine Violence in American Society by David S. McCabe
Violence and Veneration: Tapping a Sadomasochistic Vein in the American Psyche by Angelina Avedano
Soul-making and the Colorado Shooting: James Holmes as the Joker, Trickster, Savior by Michael Bogar
Demeter and Persephone as Temenos: A Perspective of Understanding Postpartum Depression by Stephanie Zajchowski
Shading in a Violent Shadow: A Hero's Confrontation with the American Shadow in Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas by Leontine Armstrong

Myth Journal, Volume IV-ArticlesMyth Journal Vol. IV
Cheap Tattered Gloves: Getting a Grip in the Modern World by Timothy Hall
The Ecopsychology of Milk by Odette Springer
The (Mal) Creation of Food the Monsanto Way: A Call to Return a Mythic Sensitivity to Food Production by Clara Oropeza
The Necessary Relativity of Secrecy by Nina Hatfield
A Transformation of Gawain: A Human Experience by Leontine Armstrong
From Republican Chaos to Imperial Cosmos: Virgil's New Myth for Augustan Rome in the Aeneid by Matt Wheeler
"The Music of the Spheres": Musical Theory and Alchemical Image by Margaret Mendenhall

Myth Journal, Volume III-ArticlesMythology Journal Cover Vol. 3
The Loa Mounts: Physical, Religious, Cultural, and Psychological Aspects of Possession by Jody Gentian Bower
Re-Visioning Patriarchy Through the Lens of Homer's Odyssey by Michael Dean Bogar
The Salt That She Became: The Unnamed Wife in Genesis by Emma Tresemer
The Hermetic Christ by Rebecca Diggs
The Concubine as Mytheme of Convergence and Differentiation in Hebrew Mythology by Karin Zirk
Terminal Mercury Poisoning: The Threatened Extinction of Primordial Mind by Anita Doyle
In Techno-Eden: Fantasies of Death and Rebirth in The Fountain by Dorene Sue Koehler
Drawing Water, Drawing Breath by Odette Springer