mythology degree program

M.A./Ph.D. in Mythological Studies

  Program Format

When students begin their studies at Pacifica Graduate Institute, they join a cohort of like-minded students who are also enrolling in that particular degree program. The majority of students remain with the same cohort throughout their academic journey. A very real sense of community is soon established as students collaborate within their cohorts and share the intense experiences that are part of graduate-level work at Pacifica. Close personal and professional bonds are formed, often lasting long after studies are completed and extending into graduates' new careers.

Pacifica has developed an educational format that enhances rigorous academic study while meeting the needs of individuals who wish to pursue graduate education while continuing their existing professional and personal commitments.

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Mythological Studies classes take place either Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday or Friday, Saturday and Sunday, approximately once each month during fall, winter, and spring. There is also a five-day summer session each year.



 FALL Greek and Roman Mythology I—MS 505, 2 Units
Hindu Traditions—MS 503, 2 Units
Dreams, Visions, Myths—MS 521, 2 Units
 WINTER Approaches to the Study of Myth—MS 620, 2 Units
Joseph Campbell: Metaphor, Myth and Culture MS 516, 2 Units
Ritual—MS 603, 2 Units
 SPRING Arthurian Romances of the Holy Grail—MS 502, 2 Units
Myth and Philosophy—MS 515, 2 Units
Jungian Depth Psychology—MS 511, 2 Units
 SUMMER Colloquium—MS 540, 1 Unit
Archetypal Psychology—MS 611, 3 Units  


 FALL Alchemy and the Hermetic Traditions—MS 616, 2 Units
Greek and Roman Mythology II—MS 705, 2 Units
African and African Diaspora Traditions—MS 506, 2 Units
Integrative Studies Process I—MS 627, 0 Units
 WINTER Native Mythologies of the Americas—MS 522, 2 Units
Buddhist Traditions—MS 605, 2 Units
Mythic Motifs in Cinema—MS 626, 2 Units
Integrative Studies Process II—MS 628, 0 Units
 SPRING Folklore and Fairy Tales—MS 602, 2 Units
Psyche and Nature—MS 615, 2 Units
Epic Imagination—MS 604, 2 Units
Integrative Studies Process III—MS 629, 0 Units
 SUMMER Colloquium—MS 640, 1 Unit
Myth and the Underworld—MS 619, 3 Units
Integrative Studies—MS 630, 1 Unit


 FALL Religious Studies Approaches to Mythology—MS 720, 2 Units
Mythopoetic Images—MS 727, 2 Units
Hebrew and Jewish Mythology—MS 702, 2 Units
 WINTER The God Complex—MS 711, 2 Units
Christian Traditions—MS 703, 2 Units
Egyptian Mythology—MS 717, 2 Units

 SPRING Islamic Traditions —MS 608, 2 Units
Research Strategies for Dissertation Writing—MS 730, 2 Units
Dissertation Formulation—MS 733, 2 Units
 SUMMER Colloquium—MS 740, 1 Unit
Myths of the Self: Memoir and Autobiography—MS 726, 3 Units


  Dissertation Writing* —MS 900, 15 Units

* Writing projects for this course take place away from campus.
This curriculum may vary depending upon changing academic needs.

 The required fourth and fifth years of study focus on reading, research, and dissertation writing.