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Presentations by:
Stephen Aizenstat
Joseph Cambray
Cheri Clampett and Avahara
Lionel Corbett
David Cumes
Pamela Grant
John Hickey
Caylin Huttar
Michael Kearney
Alan Kilpatrick
Ruth Lanius
Elizabeth Nelson
Betsy Perluss
Tina Stromsted
Bernard Unterman
Willow Young

May 16 thru 18, 2014 in Santa Barbara, California

Friday, May 16
7–9 PM
Saturday, May 17
9 AM–5:45 PM
Sunday, May 18
9 AM–1:00 PM

11 CECs for MFTs, LCSWs,
and RNs

$380 General Admission
$330 Special Admission
 Full-Time Students, Pacifica
 Alumni, and Seniors

$300 Active Pacifica Students
Fees include Friday dinner; Saturday breakfast, lunch, and dinner; and Sunday breakfast and lunch. Extra meals available: Friday breakfast ($13) and Friday lunch ($19).

Optional Activities Register

Optional Activities

Social Dreaming Matrix:
Dreams Speaking to Dreams

Optional social dreaming matrix sessions will be held on Saturday and Sunday mornings before the program begins and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Throughout human history, people have been telling dreams in community. This ancient lineage carries great significance in many older cultures, and is trying to find a voice in our modern world. The Social Dreaming Matrix is an experimental container for sharing dreams and images arising from the deep psyche. This opportunity to share dreams, with a dream calling out its response through another dream or an image helps us to see into each other and ourselves in compelling and evocative ways. This process can seed our dreams and inner experiences for long periods to come, offering us inspiration and meaning. The sessions will be facilitated by Willow Young, Chair of Pacifica’s Counseling Psychology Program.

Shen Zhen Qigong:
The Qigong of Unconditional Love

“Man lives in the universe. To be well, he has to experience himself as being merged with the universe, being one with all, living in the state of flow. The key to this state is the heart. Qi is guided by the heart.”

—Master Li Junfeng, Founder of the International Sheng Zhen Society

Shen Zhen Qigong will be held on Saturday and Sunday mornings before the program begins and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Qigong is the exchange of “qi,” the essence of life, between ourselves and the universe. Sheng Zheng Gong is a system of moving and non-moving forms and contemplations that strengthen and harmonize the body, clear the mind and balance emotions. It can accelerate the healing process and, above all, open the heart. In these sessions, we will learn the 11 graceful movements of Heart Mind as One, a standing form for calming and opening the heart, leading to wisdom and inner stillness. The sessions will be facilitated by Pamela Grant, licensed acupuncturist and certified Sheng Zhen Gong teacher.

Poster Sessions with Pacifica Students and Alumni

Relevant poster sessions will be presented by five students from Pacifica’s M.A./Ph.D. Program in Depth Psychology with Emphasis in Somatic Studies, and five alumni from a variety of Pacifica’s academic programs. They will be available for viewing on Saturday with session times scheduled at various times throughout the day. Descriptions of the poster sessions will be sent in advance of the conference.