Residential Learning with an Online Component

Two of Pacifica's degree programs are offered in a hybrid format that combines on-campus residential learning with an online experience. Classes begin online and continue during four-day residential sessions that take place from a Thursday morning to a Sunday afternoon once each quarter. These intensive sessions include classroom presentations, guest speakers, experiential activities, and ample opportunities for social interaction. While working from home, students are expected to participate in weekly online instructional activities which include; reading, research, posting and responding to interactive discussions with classmates and faculty, listening to audio files, watching videos, and completing regular written assignments. The work is ongoing and academically challenging, yet flexible enough to allow students to engage in the program in a way that suits their personal schedule.
M.A. in Engaged Humanities and the Creative Life
This two-year M.A. Program in Engaged Humanities & the Creative Life utilizes online technology so students can work and learn in their home environments in conjunction with residential sessions. Four times each year, students gather on the Pacifica Campus for an expanded four-day retreat. At Pacifica Graduate Institute, we believe the wisdom traditions of the humanities and depth psychology influence the arts and new media, and this influence and confluence can help inform and enrich the creative life.
The program invites students in the visual, performing, narrative, studio, and media arts; the creative side of advertising, marketing, and product development; teachers of art, literature, and the humanities; professionals in creative fields such as architecture, interior design, and fashion, and the film, television, and music industries; and any others who want to live and work more creatively, or foster creativity in themselves and others. It combines intellectual rigor with creative expression, encouraging dialogue amongst students and faculty working in all mediums in an effort to deepen and broaden our individual and collective potential to make our contribution to the humanities.
M.A./ Ph.D. in Depth Psychology with Emphasis in Jungian & Archetypal Studies
This three-year M.A./Ph.D. Program in Depth Psychology with Emphasis in Jungian and Archetypal Studies utilizes online technology so students can work and learn in their home environments in conjunction with residential sessions on the Pacifica Campus.The M.A./PhD. Program in Depth Psychology with emphasis in Jungian and Archetypal Studies centers around the philosophy that the theories and practices within the Jungian tradition continue to offer valuable insights and tools into working with the psyche beyond the analytic encounter.
Because of its overt emphasis on the application and advancement of Jungian and archetypal studies into the vocational and occupational arena, it seeks to provide skills, tools, and practices to those who work directly with other people, truly becoming a psychology for everybody. In addition, those who work in any creative field will find that this specialization provides an understanding and experience of the personal and collective psyche that can inform their creative process and enhance their creative products.
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