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Why Pacifica Now?

View of the Pacifica Ocean looking over Santa Barbara

Why Pacifica for fall 2020

In the midst of adjusting to our new norms, it is valuable to wonder and reflect on “Why Pacifica now?” This is an unprecedented moment in history that will shape us all for years to come. There is no getting around the fact that we have all experienced suffering to various degrees, but when we nurture our psyche, we can access creative compassion to do more. President Joseph Cambray believes that “Pacifica’s mission to tend the soul through depth psychology and the humanities is needed more now than ever. We need to do more than just survive, but to thrive.”

So what is Pacifica doing to help our students and community thrive? We are transforming and reimagining ourselves to navigate these new uncharted waters. While still offering a rich immersion of depth psychology to students everywhere, we are evolving a soul-centered “intelligence” integral to what is being asked of us in this increasingly complex world. A new paradigm is required for our emerging world that weaves together technology and community as one collective force, while still rooted in our profound interconnectedness. The challenge for us now in this new age is to not only support, but enhance our interrelatedness. To address that, we have made a significant investment in understanding ways to optimize pedagogy, ways to bring the experiential element of what we do to you directly by various kinds of breakout groups and asynchronous learning that takes you into your community. An education that engages you with one another through the sharing of stories, sharing of our lives, and acknowledging the emotions being felt within us. While we continue to adapt to our new norms, Dr. Cambray believes Pacifica will be at the forefront of change for the better, starting with our Fall 2020 being conducted online.

Provost Peter Rojcewicz has been integral in ensuring that our online educational experience will nurture the soul of each and every student. It will be analogous to our on-campus sessions through “defined conversation, dynamic interaction, and people raising questions of great importance.” We’ve developed a highly interactive online community of inquiry made of three components: faculty, students, and educational content. As the provost says, “We based this on the idea of constructivist learning, that knowledge has to be created out of investigations and dialog between people, a socially constructed understanding. We believe this will be a highly challenging curriculum, enriched with special guests and scholars from the various fields.”

This is why: Pacifica Now!

Our mission of tending the soul in and of the world is more critical than ever. Join us this Fall 2020 as we transform the way we bring our mission to the world. We are accepting applications for all of our programs and our admissions advisors are here to answer any of your questions. Please contact us at and let’s begin a dialog.