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Claudia Degrati

Claudia Degrati


  • Ph.D.


  • Licensed Psychologist, CA

Claudia is a licensed psychologist in California. Dr. Degrati perfoms thorough and comprehensive psychological evaluations, conducts psycho-social mitigation investigations and provides consultation services to attorneys in capital and non-capital cases in state and federal courts, at trial, sentencing, appellate and habeas levels. Her clinical experience includes providing psychotherapy to victims of crime for treatment of depression, anxiety, relationship problems, post-traumatic stress and domestic violence, as well as sexual, physical and emotional abuse. Because of this background, Dr. Degrati has a special sensibility to the impact of trauma. She has been trained as a Defense Initiated Victim Outreach Liaison and as a Victim/Offender Dialogue Facilitator in crimes of severe violence. She provides victim outreach services, acting as a vital link between defense teams and victims or victims’ families. Her professional interests and expertise focus primarily on trauma and issues faced by immigrants, particularly Latinos. An immigrant herself, Dr. Degrati is fully bilingual in Spanish and English and able to provide services in both languages. Her awareness of different cultures and cultural competence with regard to Latinos help her identify and explain the complex constellation of interacting factors that shape people’s lives. Current training in Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) adds a new dimension to Dr. Degrati’s work.