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Priscilla Taylor

Priscilla Taylor


  • Ph.D., Mythological Studies, Pacifica Graduate Institute


  • L.M.F.T., CA

Priscilla is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has worked in community mental health agencies and in private practice for twenty years. She has a Ph.D in Mythological Studies with Emphasis in Depth Psychology. Priscilla has taught in Masters level Psychology and Humanities programs at Phillips Graduate Institute in Los Angeles, Meridian University in Petaluma, and CIIS in San Francisco. At Pacifica she has blended interests in psychology, mythology, and theater to teach a variety of courses including Psychopathology, Foundations of Mythology, Psyche and Landscape, and Mythodrama. Her early academic studies in theater and drama experiences were driven by the sense that deep personal transformation can occur when we engage our minds, emotions, bodies and spirits in the exploration of archetypal themes through character development and telling stories. In her therapy work in private practice and hospital group settings Priscilla incorporates expressive arts through sandplay, guided imagery, drawing, writing, and role-playing. A fascination with the interplay between ritual, theater and personal healing inspires her to utilize Playback Theater and Psychodrama exercises in many of her Psychology classes and intern trainings. She sees creative expression as an avenue that gives voice to the marginalized in society, offering individual healing and ultimately leading to greater vitality for the collective. Priscilla shares, “This Engaged Humanities and the Creative Life program is incredibly unusual and I am thrilled to be a part of it. I believe the creative urge to express ourselves is innate, but for most of us very fragile—you might even say it is shy—and thrives best in an environment of psychological safety. But once it is given freedom to actualize it is very powerful: the process of healing that occurs in the individual resonates out in ripples and connects us to the wider world. Graduates of this program will have a significant healing impact in the myriad ways they choose to express their creative selves out in the community.” Course She Teaches: The Healing Power of Creativity