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Dennis Patrick Slattery

Dennis Patrick Slattery


  • Ph.D., Literature & Phenomenology, University of Dallas

Dennis is a core faculty member who helped shape the development of the Mythological Studies program. He has been teaching for 44 years from elementary to secondary, undergraduate, and graduate programs. He has received the prominent rank of Distinguished Core Faculty at Pacifica Graduate Institute. His areas of emphasis include the poetic imagination, writing and reading as mythic activities, the relation of psyche, spirit and matter, and the place of contemplation within the academic setting. He is the author of several books including:

He is the author of three volumes of poetry: Casting Shadows; Just Below the Water Line; and Twisted Sky. Dennis also serves as the Faculty Advisor to Between, the student literary journal as well as The Mythological Studies Journal, the student on-line journal, both published by the Mythological Studies Program. He currently teaches: Mythopoetic Images: Dante’s Divine Comedy; Joseph Campbell: Metaphor, Myth, and Culture; Epic Imagination; Dissertation Development.