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Employment at Pacifica Graduate Institute

Pacifica is an accredited graduate school offering degree programs in the fields of Psychology, Mythological Studies, and Humanities. We are located in between the foothills and the Pacific Ocean a few miles south of Santa Barbara. Pacifica offers a full benefits package including medical, dental, vision, LTD and retirement plans. If your qualifications meet our current needs, please send your resume to the email address listed below. No faxes or phone calls, please.

Adjunct Faculty Positions

Pacifica Graduate Institute welcomes Adjunct Faculty applications for each of these graduate programs:

  • Clinical Psychology
  • Counseling Psychology
  • Depth Psychology
  • Depth Psychotherapy

Appointment by quarters and by academic years vary by program. Qualifications reflect the course content, delivery method, and any applicable licensing standards.

For more information please contact the Department Chair of the department in which you are interested.

Core Faculty Positions

No Core Faculty positions available at this time, please check soon.

Director of Institutional Advancement and Enrollment Management


To oversee the recruitment and retention of students to meet the enrollments goals of the Institute on a quarterly (or as needed) basis and to honor and support the Institute’s commitment to diversity while managing all admissions and marketing initiatives and staff.


  • Work directly with the Provost and coordinate with the CEO to plan and direct the operational and policy activities of the Admissions and Marketing Offices to meet institutional goals.
  • Lead, supervise and evaluate departmental staff, including recommendations for hiring, discharging, training, reviewing performance, assigning responsibilities and tasks.
  • Strategically plan, execute, coordinate and monitor annual admissions and Institutional Advancement plan.  Oversee recruitment in coordinating with marketing team (currently outsourced CMO, setting benchmarks and timelines for deliverables.
  • Support and attend all admissions events (e.g. Intro Days, Salons, Open Houses) and relevant public conferences sponsored by the Institute; coordinate and oversee the marketing of these events.
  • Present and host program, application, and admissions information meetings in conjunction with marketing/Institutional Advancement initiatives.
  • Develop admissions recruitment materials in collaboration with the marketing department and programs through the Provost’s office.
  • Discuss admissions policies, procedures and processes with chairs; meet with chairs as needed to discuss program enrollment goals.
  • Respond promptly to all prospective student inquiries; fluency with hubspot and power-campus useful.
  • Oversee all application and admission procedures from first inquiry through orientation and start of classes, for all new students, including those switching from one program to another and/or eligible for transfer credits.
  • Oversee and vet all correspondence from the admissions office; Develop and coordinate campaigns and messaging with marketing.
  • Oversee the preparation of enrollment agreements.
  • Oversee and participate in travel recruiting as needed.
  • Coordinate and oversee admissions outreach with the marketing team.
  • Prepare and maintain weekly application funnel comparison reports shared with President, and marketing team.
  • Supervise and coordinate enrollment and institutional promotion activities internally and external marketing firm.
  • Coordinate activities with Chancellor’s Office: External Affairs and Alumni Relations.
  • Work with Academic Affairs on retention efforts and student success efforts.
  • Prepare reports and presentations for internal constituents.
  • Oversee or serve as Principle Designated School Official (PDSO) for SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) for Dept. of Homeland Security.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance for all admissions policies, procedures and processes in collaboration with relevant departments, such as Registrar and Financial Aid.
  • Work closely with all departments to develop, clarify, and streamline policy and procedures as they relate to admissions and marketing.
  • Enhance skills of and arrange for training of the admissions and marketing staff on an on-going basis.
  • Propose and manage the yearly operational budget for the admissions and marketing departments in coordination with the Business Office.
  • Execute all other duties as assigned, including committee work and special projects.


  • Lead, supervise and train all admissions and marketing staff.
  • Assign tasks and daily duties to achieve departmental goals; monitor progress in accomplishing these tasks and duties on a regular basis.
  • Evaluate staff performance and file all necessary paperwork.
  • Assign performance increases when necessitated.
  • Oversee staff schedules to ensure office is staffed during key recruitment periods.
  • Participate in hiring decisions, offer feedback and guidance when needed, and recommend discharge if appropriate.


Must possess at least five years of solid admissions and marketing experience; graduate school experience preferred.

Strong organizational, administrative, multi-tasking, time-management, and listening skills; strong cross-departmental coordination skills; ability to analyze and interpret data; experience drafting and implementing policies; strong verbal and written communication skills; ability to identify issues and creatively problem-solve on a variety of issues; effective presentation and interpersonal skills; strong ability to exercise sound, experienced, and independent judgment; ability to engender respect from staff.

Provide strong leadership in benchmarking, professional development, innovation, change management, use of technology, and continuous quality improvement. Willingness to get up to speed quickly on the basics of depth psychology as taught in Pacifica’s nine academic programs.


  • Bachelor’s degree required; masters preferred.
  • Supervisory experience.
  • Recruitment, events planning, publications, marketing and public relations experience preferred.
  • Familiarity with depth psychology a plus.


  • PC literate; MS Office (including Word and Excel).
  • Strong Campus Management Software skills; PowerCampus preferred.
  • Strong CRM skills; Hubspot preferred.
  • General office equipment.

Associate Director of Financial Aid


To proactively meet and monitor student’s financial need by administratively assisting and supporting the Director of Financial Aid.


Monitor satisfactory academic progress for dissertation students.

  • Conduct yearly academic progress reviews on all active students
  • Review academic progress for all readmitted and reenrolling students
  • Send suspension notifications
  • Collect and submit all appeals to the Financial Aid Appeals Committee

Assist Director in Annual Federal Aid Audit.

  • Run and monitor monthly and yearly DOE reconciliations reports
  • Prepare and send all requested  audit materials to auditors
  • Conduct file reviews
  • Complete Correction Action Plan (CAP)

Update and maintain the Financial Aid Management system Powerfaids.

  • Monitor and run all upgrades in coordination with Database Administrator
  • Provide the Financial Aid Team with all update materials and training

Update and maintain the Financial Aid Web pages, including hyperlinks connected to other internal departments.

  • Conducts continual monitoring of webpage and content

Update and maintain Gainful Employment disclosure and annual reporting.

  • Audit all report data
  • Make and submit all corrections to GE report data
  • Monitor regulation changes
  • Provided GE data to FSA Auditors

Update and maintain all Student Handbook, PGI Catalog, and Financial Aid Guide materials.

  • Conduct continual review of all printed materials for compliance
  • Proof-read and submit updates with publishers
  • Submit updates to Institutional Learning, Registrar, Admissions, and Marketing

Conduct R2T4 returns.

  • When requested by Director

Reconcile Direct Loan program’s monthly reports.

  • Balance and reconcile all incoming and outgoing Title IV aid
  • Provide monthly and yearly reports to FSA Auditors
  • Assist Director of Financial Aid and the Director of Business Office in yearly close out of the Direct Loan program.

Participate in collection of data for special projects.

  • When requested by Director

Prepare and adjust student budgets based on academic plans, drops, and transfer credits

  • Evaluate academic plans and adjust Cost of Attendance (COA) budgets
  • Adjust packaging due to a COA increase or decrease
  • Submit return of Title IV aid when required

Assist Director in preparation of Professional Judgments

  • When requested by Director

Sit on the Student Accounts Committee as an alternate

  • When requested by Director

Sit on the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Committee

  • Submit appeal documentation for review
  • Is a voting member of the Financial Aid Appeals Committee

Assist Director with annual review of Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

  • Remain current on all regulations and advise Director of any possible impact on current policy


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience.
  • Minimum of two years financial aid experience.
  • Familiarity with student information systems.
  • General office experience.
  • Knowledge of student service.
  • PC literate; MS Office (particularly Word and Excel).
  • Familiarity with copier, fax, telephone, and ten key calculators.
  • PowerCampus experience preferred.
  • Ability to problem-solve while following established policies, regulations, and procedures. Ability to pro-actively identify potential problems and positively resolve them.

Admissions Advisor


To directly communicate Pacifica’s mission and vision to potential students, applicants, and matriculated students in an effort to recruit and manage the admissions and application procedures for Pacifica’s masters and doctoral program and to assist the Senior Director of Admissions as requested.


  • Communicate with prospective applicants regarding the degree programs.
  • Provide information to prospective applicants and applicants regarding all of Pacifica’s programs and activities and oversee entire admissions process for admission advisor’s designated programs.
  • Track, monitor, and communicate with all applicants regarding his/her status through the admissions process.
  • Plan, coordinate, and manage admissions procedures with Senior Director of Admissions.
  • Coordinate with Admissions Committees to interview applicants.
  • Strategize, create, and develop marketing materials in coordination with marketing, admissions, and institutional advancement committees.
  • Prepare documents for international students.
  • Host students during visits to campus.
  • Present at Information Events and at other events as requested.
  • Assign track placement.
  • Draft correspondence.
  • Coordinate and administer reapplication process for designated programs.
  • Support and attend Public Conference and Special Events sponsored by the Institute.
  • Influence policy development and have some responsibility for monitoring implementation.
  • Work within existing rules and procedures with interpretation when necessary.
  • Participate in collaborative admissions team environment and offer recommendations and opinions as requested.


Strong organizational, administrative, multi-tasking, time-management skills, and listening skills; strong verbal and written communication skills; ability to identify issues and creatively problem-solve on a variety of issues; effective presentation and interpersonal skills; strong ability to exercise sound and experienced judgment; and ability to engender respect from staff.


  • Master’s degree preferred; Bachelor’s degree required
  • 1-3 years of college or graduate admissions experience.
  • Recruitment, events planning, publications, and public relations experience preferred.
  • Public speaking experience.
  • Familiarity with Clinical and Counseling Psychology preferred.
  • Familiarity with Depth Psychology, a plus.

Accounting Manager


Position directs and supervises the timely, confidential, and accurate functions of: financial statement preparation, budgeting, forecasting, cash management, GAAP audit process from start to finish, AP, student billings, federal funds, compliance, ESOP and 401(k) administration. Accounting Manager is responsible for the integrity of all accounting systems and insures that all procedures and policies maintain excellent internal control and separation of duties to minimize opportunities for fraud and other abuses. Incumbent is responsible for training all direct reports.


  • Preparation of all client participation audit schedules.
  • Preparation of compliance worksheet for bank covenants and DOE compliance (e.g. 90/10 testing)
  • Reconciliation of all bank accounts and monitoring cash balances to optimize investment earnings.
  • Reconciliation and monitoring of Federal funds by coordinating with the Financial Aid Office.
  • Accurate recording of semi-monthly payroll to the general ledger.
  • Transmission of 401k employee deductions, loan payments, and employer matching contributions.
  • Reconciliation of all 401k contributions to provider’s balances.
  • Preparation of annual 401(k) and ESOP census.
  • Administration of the credit card use by all employee/holders.
  • Preparation and electronic submission of 1099’s and 1098-T’s.
  • Review Workers’ Compensation reports and assist with audits.
  • Preparation of state sales tax returns.
  • Preparation of occupancy tax returns
  • Application of financial aid disbursements to student accounts and the calculation of refunds.
  • The formation of the annual budget and the preparation of monthly budget variances.
  • Administration of all merchant credit card accounts.
  • Reconciliation of general ledger accounts monthly, quarterly, and annually.
  • Participate in committee work and execute special projects as assigned.
  • Interpret policies and recommend changes as warranted
  • Work within existing policies and procedures with interpretation sometimes necessary.
  • Supervise all Accounting & Student Accounts personnel.
  • Execute all other duties as assigned.


  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance.
  • 5-7 years experience with general ledger posting & reconciliation
  • 5-7 years progressively responsible accounting experience.
  • Experience and knowledge of Financial Aid Title IV regulations.
  • Experience and knowledge of 401(k) and ESOP’s.

We are looking for a strong candidate with leadership skills, excellent accounting skills and the desire to move into a Controller position.

Program Administrator M.A. Counseling Psychology Department


To support the program chair, students, and faculty in carrying out all phases of the academic program, including, but not limited to: student and faculty support, departmental administrative and academic support, session preparation, Desire2Learn, and interdepartmental support.                  


  • Student and Faculty Support:
  • Coordinate with the offices of Admissions, Registrar, and Guest Services in preparation for fall quarter program start and subsequent quarters throughout the year.
  • Prepare for and attend Student and Faculty Orientations.
  • Cultivate, implement, maintain, and report on ongoing relationships with current and prospective students.
  • Remain visible to students while they are in session and host a PA table in dining room once per session.
  • Provide current and accurate information to students regarding coursework and program policies & procedures.
  • Serve as liaison between administration, core & adjunct faculty, teaching assistants, guest speakers, staff, and students in the interpretation of policies and procedures.
  • Orient new faculty as needed.
  • Departmental Administrative and Academic Support:
  • Collaborate on the revision of policies and procedures and recommend changes as needed.
  • Review and propose annual Student Handbook, Faculty Handbook.
  • Oversee and maintain departmental electronic files.
  • Attend weekly PA meeting with Program Chair.
  • Attend faculty council meetings, take minutes, and report on issues as needed.
  • Coordinate Quarterly Faculty Notice/Request for Syllabi, Book orders, and Course Materials.
  • Coordinate with bookstore on all relevant matters.
  • Prepare, process, and track contracts for adjunct, addendum, guest speaker, teaching assistant, portfolio thesis advisors, and oral examiners. Process timecards for meetings and orientations.
  • Maintain current and accurate data in the program academic curriculum overview, updating quarterly/continuously.
  • Monitor and support the online learning (D2L) quarterly course construction providing course-shell setup requests to IT and maintaining the online/hybrid calendar.
  • Coordinate and prepare digital program information to be uploaded to the Resource Centers on D2L: Faculty, Student, Process, Clinical, and Research.
  • Coordinate with EdTech, IT, regarding D2L online courses, Resource Center setup and occurring issues.
  • Provide support and training for new staff.
  • Assist with updates to the program’s webpage as needed by providing needed materials and faculty information to the marketing team.
  • Coordinate the quarterly Session Preparation and logistics, including session schedules, meal counts with Guest Services, room setup requests for Housekeeping, audio/visual classroom needs request for AV Support, Evening Training materials, faculty office hours, Process/Clinical Practice/Research sections/rosters, student email lists, student directory, emergency contact list, faculty contact roster, and student/program newsletter.
  • Collect and process course attendance rosters.
  • Collect and process course grade rosters and Incomplete forms in coordination with the office of the Registrar.
  • Create and update yearly program academic calendars.
  • Coordinate with Reception regarding room reservations & releases, mailboxes, & program support.
  • Create and maintain the Faculty and Student Resource Directories.
  • Coordinate and process program check requests/reimbursements for faculty lodging & transportation, office and academic supply orders.
  • Coordinate and attend departmental events.


  • Bachelor’s degree required; master’s preferred.
  • 3-5 years in an administrative and/or educational experience.
  • Student service experience preferred.
  • Knowledge of counseling preferred; interest in counseling required.
  • Counseling skills a plus.
  • Excellent listening and comprehension skills required.

Applicants for all Staff Positions please send a cover letter, resume and three professional references to:
Pacifica Graduate Institute
Department of Human Resources
249 Lambert Road
Carpinteria, CA  93013