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Employment at Pacifica Graduate Institute

Pacifica is an accredited graduate school offering degree programs in the fields of Psychology, Mythological Studies and Humanities. We are located between the foothills and the Pacific Ocean a few miles south of Santa Barbara.

Pacifica offers a full benefit package including: medical, dental, vision, LTD and retirement plans. If your qualifications meet our current needs, please send your resume to the email address listed below. No faxes or phone calls please.


Pacifica Graduate Institute, an accredited graduate school located in Southern California dedicated to academic excellence in the fields of psychology and mythological studies, is seeking a highly qualified candidate to fill the position of President/CEO. The successful candidate, who will report directly to Pacifica’s Board of Trustees, will provide financial and academic leadership for the institution and, along with Pacifica’s Chancellor, will be the face of the organization in the academic and professional community.

Candidate Qualifications

Our successful candidate will possess three essential qualifications: (1) a Ph.D. or its equivalent in Psychology, Mythological Studies, Humanities or other relevant academic field and at least 10 + years of experience as an instructor or professor in an academic setting; (2) demonstrated administrative credentials and experience, either in a business or academic setting, including experience in business administration, the management of budgets and the supervision of personnel; and (3) familiarity with best practices in higher education as they relate to the overall operation of administrative, financial, legal, and accreditation processes.

Job Description

The President serves as Chief Executive Officer of Pacifica and as an ex officio member of the Board of Trustees (the “Board”), its Executive, and Budget & Finance Committees, and its Long-Range Imagining/Physical/Planning/Fundraising Task Force. The President reports to the Board, and under its direction leads and manages Pacifica, excepting the Office of the Chancellor. Fundamental to the President’s role is financial management, which requires meeting DOE and banking ratios/covenants, careful budget and financial management, overseeing all contracts and partnering agreements, and implementing the previously Board approved ESOP plan, all as part of Pacifica’s steady, planned growth, to assure the Institute’s health and wellbeing. The President’s job requires, with Board approval, and its participation as appropriate: preparing and monitoring the annual budget; developing long-range capital and other strategic plans; and overseeing academic programs and non-academic offices, making changes as needed. All of this is within the context of internalizing and safeguarding Pacifica’s mission, leading in ways congruent with that mission, and providing future vision consistent with the Institute’s legacy.

The President is responsible for ensuring that the Institute remains in or achieves compliance with all applicable state and federal laws and regulations and all procedures, rules and requirements of its accrediting bodies. The President, represents the Institute nationally and internationally in the larger community, professional associations, accrediting organizations, and higher education associations, and, in dealings with external partners, professional organizations, and government agencies.

The President chairs the Institutional Management Council, which oversees Pacifica’s day to day business and academic operations. The President’s current direct reports include the Chief Financial Officer, the Provost, the Co-Operations Directors, the Senior Director of Enrollment Management (currently vacant), the Director of Admissions, the Director of Human Resources, and an Executive Assistant. In addition, all Pacifica employees ultimately report to the President except the Chancellor, who also reports directly to the Board, and his direct reports. Through regular meetings the President coordinates with the Chancellor on alumni relations, development, and external relations, and with the General Counsel on legal matters related to the management and operations of the Institute.

As an institution of higher learning, Pacifica Graduate Institute must maintain high academic standards appropriate to transformational education, which include a commitment not only to intellectual growth, but also individuation and wholeness. In promoting academic excellence, the President also holds core faculty status, utilizes his/her scholarly reputation to promote Pacifica’s reputation, continues to be professionally active, teaches in Pacifica’s academic programs as time permits, and works to ensure institutional success in meeting current and emerging WASC standards, field related accrediting standards, and DOE requirements. As upholders of academic quality, the President and the Provost are ex officio members of the Academic Senate and the Senate Leadership Committee. As a guardian of quality, all new hires are subject to the President’s approval, with the exception of new hires in the Office of the Chancellor.

Pacifica’s motto, which translates as “Tending the soul in and of the world,” also requires tending the souls of those who work with and for Pacifica. It thus includes development of the faculty and staff and working collegially with them for the good of the Institute, for without them Pacifica cannot thrive. In addition, it requires careful planning of longer-term staffing and resourcing needs for continuing programs and new initiatives, so as to enable the faculty and staff to sustain their long-term effectiveness. It similarly requires careful stewardship of the land on which the Institute is located.

The President shares responsibility for the “spiritual” health of PGI and its commitment to tending the soul in and of the world. These responsibilities are nurtured through their own inner work and collectively fostered through appropriate community rituals related to commencement, graduation, and other events. The President leads graduation ceremonies, as is customary in higher education, and also facilitates appropriate participation by the Founding President to honor his role and importance to students and alumni. The President also shares joint responsibility for other ceremonial duties and for enhancing a sense of community among students, faculty, staff, alumni, Board members, and key partners that nurture all and offer a sense of meaning and worth.

Benefits and Compensation

Salary, within a range to be disclosed to qualified applicants, will be subject to negotiation dependent upon qualifications, experience and current compensation. In addition to salary, Pacifica’s employment package includes an excellent benefit plan with Medical, Dental, Vision, Life and Long Term Disability Insurance, in addition to 401(k) and ESOP retirement benefits.

To apply for this position, please forward your pertinent information including three professional references and salary history by Monday, May 15, 2017 to:

Norma Mesa, Director of Human Resources
Pacifica Graduate Institute
249 Lambert Road
Carpinteria, CA 93013

Adjunct Faculty Positions

Pacifica Graduate Institute welcomes Adjunct Faculty applications for each of these graduate programs:

  • Clinical Psychology
  • Counseling Psychology
  • Depth Psychology
  • Depth Psychotherapy

Appointment by quarters and by academic years vary by program. Qualifications reflect the course content, delivery method, and any applicable licensing standards.

For more information please contact the Department Chair by clicking on “Contact Us” then clicking on the department in which you are interested.

Core Faculty Positions

Pacifica Graduate Institute is an accredited graduate school in California offering masters and doctoral degrees in the tradition of depth psychology. We are currently seeking a full-time core faculty member in the Depth Psychology program with a primary focus in the Somatic Studies specialization. For more information about this unique graduate program, visit the Somatic Studies webpage.

The candidate for this position will be teaching, advising, serving on dissertation committees, and performing administrative functions in the Somatic Studies specialization, and may also teach courses across Pacifica’s degree programs as needed and per qualifications. Anticipated but flexible start date is July, 2017.

Qualifications: Ph.D. in psychology, cultural studies, education, or a humanities-related field; background in depth psychological theories and practices, qualitative research, and somatic studies (a focus in either somatic psychology or somatic education is acceptable). Applicants with at least three years of academic teaching experience and a strong record of publication and community service preferred. Applicants should have a demonstrated commitment to cultural and ethnic diversity in education. We encourage candidates from communities underrepresented in US higher education to apply.

Please submit: a letter of application; curriculum vitae; recently published papers; and statement of teaching philosophy, research interests, background in advising dissertation students, courses from the Somatic Studies specialization curriculum you feel qualified to teach, your interest in working with students of diverse backgrounds, and three references.

Please indicate in subject line “Somatic Studies Specialization.”
Department of Human Resources
Pacifica Graduate Institute
249 Lambert Road
Carpinteria, CA 93013

Staff Positions

Applicants for all Staff Positions please send a cover letter, resume and three professional references to:
Pacifica Graduate Institute
Department of Human Resources
249 Lambert Road
Carpinteria, CA  93013