Lisa A. Pounders, received her Ph.D. in Depth Psychology with a Specialization in Jungian Psychology and Archetypal Studies as well as an M.A. in Humanities from Pacifica Graduate Institute. In addition to teaching as an adjunct, she works as a freelance editor and consultant for individuals and organizations, and is the Community Programs Manager for the C. G. Jung Institute of Santa Fe. Her background in art includes fine art painting, poetry writing, and knitting. Lisa has published several articles in peer-reviewed journals and is the poetry editor for the Journal of Jungian Scholarly Studies. Currently living in northern New Mexico, she can be found most weekends exploring the trails and wild open places there.

Mansoor is a Pakistani-American scholar interested in alchemy, metaphysics, spirituality, and depth psychology. As an undergraduate, he double-majored in Biology and Religious Studies at the State University of New York, Stony Brook. He has a passion for writing and teaching courses on Sufism and Depth Psychology. Mansoor strives to share his passion for East-West philosophies within a strong academic framework of diversity and interdisciplinary dialogue. He teaches HMC 260: Creativity, Vocation, and Alchemical Work.

Stephen is the founding President of Pacifica Graduate Institute. He is a professor of depth psychology with a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, a licensed marriage and family therapist, and a credentialed public school teacher and counselor. He has served as an organizational consultant to companies and agencies worldwide, and teaches extensively.

Bayo Akomolafe (Ph.D.), rooted with the Yoruba people in a more-than-human world, is the father to Alethea and Kyah, the grateful life-partner to Ije, son and brother. A widely celebrated international speaker, posthumanist thinker, poet, teacher, public intellectual, essayist, and author of two books, These Wilds Beyond our Fences: Letters to My Daughter on Humanity’s Search for Home (North Atlantic Books) and We Will Tell our Own Story: The Lions of Africa Speak, Bayo Akomolafe is the Chief Curator of The Emergence Network and host of the online postactivist course, ‘We Will dance with Mountains’.

Ronald A. Alexander, PhD, MFT, SEP (Somatic Experiencing Practitioner) is a psychotherapist, leadership coach, and clinical trainer in the fields of Somatic Trauma Healing Therapies, Mindfulness Meditation, Transformational Leadership and Core Creativity.

Avrom Altman is Professor Emeritus in the Counseling Psychology Department. He served as Associate Chair, Director of Research, Research Associate, Clinical Associate, and was a member of the Counseling Psychology Program Development Committee that designed the current 93-unit program. As Director of Research, Avrom was responsible for the design and development of the program’s research sequence of six courses titled Seminars in Directed Research, the Thesis Handbook and Student Papers Handbook.

Ama Konadu Amoafo-Yeboah, LMSW is a social worker licensed in the State of New York who has been a dialogue facilitator for nearly 10 years. She is the co-founder of HEAL— Healing, Equity, Action, and Liberation, a workshop series/organization focused on centering healing amidst social change efforts.

Frédérique Apffel-Marglin founded and directs the Sachamama Center for Biocultural Regeneration. Her more recent books are Subversive Spiritualities: How Rituals Enact the World, Sacred Soil: Biochar and the Regeneration of the Earth with Robert Tindall and David Shearer, and Contemporary Voices from Anima Mundi edited with Stefano Varese, Peter Lang, 2020.

Megan Attore is a licensed therapist and breathwork teacher, blending depth psychotherapy with integrative healing modalities to support clients and colleagues in their pursuit of well-being. Megan takes a transpersonal approach to her private practice work, focusing on the connection between psyche, soma and spirit. She has spent the last decade studying breath as an energetic medicine, and is certified in Attachment-Focused EMDR, a somatic modality with incredible potency for transforming the effects of trauma as well as repairing childhood developmental deficits. Megan maintains an in-person private practice in Santa Barbara and sees clients throughout California via telehealth.

Ashley L. Bacchi, PhD, is Assistant Professor of Jewish History and Ancient Mediterranean Religions at Starr King School for the Ministry of the Graduate Theological Union, as well as lectures in the Religious Studies and Art History departments at Humboldt State University. Her research focuses on issues related to gender, sexuality, myth, politics, and questions related to social justice in the ancient Mediterranean. Bacchi has cultivated an interdisciplinary approach to contextualizing the Hellenistic Mediterranean, which includes religious studies, classics, art history, archaeology, cultural history, literary theory, and feminist theory.

Fabricio E. Balcazar, Ph.D., is a Professor in the Department of Disability and Human Development at the University of Illinois at Chicago. His primary interest is in developing methods for enhancing consumer empowerment and personal effectiveness among individuals with disabilities.

Kristin Beasley, Ph.D. (aka Dr. B) in Clinical Psychology, and a diverse sprinkling of human development, anthropology, philosophy, and neuroscience. Dr. B earned her parent-child/infant mental health specialization and had the opportunity to work in the pediatric department at the Cleveland Clinic, and the Psychoanalytic Society in Ohio. She also explored Kenya to learn about extreme poverty because her work revolves around the commitment to create sustainable change and effective implementation of innovations that include learning how to Leave a Lifeprint and build resilience from the beginning.

Gustavo Beck is a Jungian and archetypal psychotherapist with a practice in Mexico City. His main interest, however, is in the relationship between the microcosm of the therapeutic relationship and wider social, cultural, and environmental issues.

Dr. Gina Subia Belton PhD is an alumna from Pacifica Graduate Institute and psychology faculty in the PhD Psychology program at Saybrook University where she also teaches in both the Transformative Social Change and Mind Body Medicine programs. Raised in California by generations of Elders and Ancestors, long before “the border crossed them”, her Chicanx and Mescalero Apache identity is alive in Mezistaje consciousness, grounding her ethnothanatological research and decolonial praxis.

Matthew is a licensed clinical psychologist, lecturer, and administrator with experience in public sector mental health and substance abuse treatment. He has broad experience in program development. He was formerly founder and first Director of Training for the Ventura County Behavioral Health Pre-Doctoral Internship in Clinical Psychology and Chair-Elect of the Psychology Department at Ventura County Medical Center in Ventura, California. His research interests include personality disorders, comparative personality theory, and internet applications for mental health. Dr. Bennett is also a returned Peace Corps volunteer (“Poland III, 1991-1993”).

Patricia has been active in the Jungian world for nearly half a century, serving on faculties and boards of training institutions. She is one of the founders of Archetypal Psychology and is the author of Echo’s Subtle Body: A Contribution to Archetypal Psychology. Other more recent articles include: “Image in Motion,” “Rules of Thumb,” and “A Little Light.” In 1991 she was the first Scholar in Residence at Pacifica.

Allen is a licensed psychologist, certified psychoanalyst, and performing concert pianist. Dr. Bishop served for 10 years as Chair of the Clinical Psychology program. He has been a leader in the Santa Barbara psychoanalytic community for over 31 years and is a training and a former supervising Analyst at the Institute for Contemporary Psychoanalysis (ICP) in Los Angeles.

Brent Blair, Ph.D. is a Professor of Practice and the founding director of the Institute for Theatre & Social Change (ITSC) at the USC School of Dramatic Arts where he has been teaching since 1994. He founded the MA in Applied Theatre Arts (2010-2014), has created numerous undergraduate courses and a minor in Applied Theatre Arts focusing on the areas of therapy, education, and social change, and has designed community-based projects and professional development training programs in arts and social change both locally, nationally, and around the world.

Kesstan is a psychologist and psychosocial researcher specializing in dementia for the Dartmouth Centers for Health & Aging, Dartmouth College, Lebanon NH. Dr. Blandin provides clinical lectures and training in dementia, consultations to families, and designs therapeutic research interventions. As a scholar and researcher, her interests are in structures of self and identity in consciousness as correlated with brain functions, body-mind relationships, humanistic-existential psychology.

Barbara is currently Adjunct Faculty teaching Directed Research and advising students on the production of their Thesis. Over the years she has taught the Process of Psychotherapy, Career Development, and Clinical Practice, and has been a thesis advisor. In her private practice she focuses on neuropsychological and depth approaches to healing the emotional aftermath of Trauma as well as resolving mysterious long-standing embodied trauma.