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The Question of Vocation

The question of vocation is crucial, and choosing the right one requires listening to the voice within. The root of the word “vocation” is Latin for voice. Learning to trust that inner voice in the face of economic and social pressures that might urge otherwise is an act of courage. Accessing that courage is the key to finding the voice. At Pacifica, students span a wide range of ages, coming from a spectrum of diverse backgrounds. They are all committed—not just to getting an education—but to doing something important that carries real meaning for them. I have taught around the world, and have had a great many interesting, engaged students. But I have never found a community that so passionately embraces depth psychological studies as much as this one.

Joseph Cambray, Ph.D.
President, Pacifica Graduate Institute

Future Students

The Pacifica Experience - January 26th

The Pacifica Experience: A One-Day Introduction to Pacifica’s Degree Programs has been designed to give prospective graduate students a comprehensive introduction and orientation to the distinctive educational features of the school. Pacifica is currently accepting applications for Winter in select programs, Spring in the hybrid programs and for Fall in all programs.

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