Financial Aid - People walking at Ladera Campus However, please note that the data collection process only yields results based on the number of participants. Thus, lower numbers coincide with the low number of participants. School Performance Fact Sheets (SPFS) are a state required document that has required regulatory fields that must be submitted. Institutions and the State have been working together to meet these requirements when an institution does not meet the standard undergrad or certificate programs. Pacifica Graduate Institute (PGI), began an Alumni survey to attempt to calculate the require data in correlation with the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) database, to provide an example when possible.
  • PGI completes the required data for On-Time Completion rates based what the Department of Education (DE) considers on-time completion to be, typically 5 years for a doctoral program.
  • PGI data on Graduates Available for Employment are based on survey data for Graduates Employed in the Field. Since Graduates Employed in the Field are extremely undercounted, the Placement Rate Employed in the Field may not reflect a true or accurate percentage.
  • Many PGI Programs may result in freelance or self-employment. This type of work may not be reported or accounted for in a consistent or quantitative manner that meets the required fields on the SPFS.
  • View the 2019-2020 Time To Completion Pie Charts (PDF)
Other Resources for job and career information that may be useful: Please note, therefore, that the performance data relies solely on student survey.