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A 10 Year Commitment to Cultivate 1,500 Practitioners on the Central Coast of California

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Beyond Boundaries: Caring for Psyche, Soul, and Imagination in a Posthuman Age

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Applied Archetypal Astrology
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Master's and Doctoral Programs in Depth Psychology, Counseling, Clinical Psychology, Mythological Studies, Consciousness, and the Humanities

Pacifica Graduate Institute is an accredited graduate school offering masters and doctoral degree programs in the traditions of depth psychology. Our educational environment nourishes respect for cultural diversity and individual differences, and our students have access to an impressive array of educational resources on Pacifica’s two campuses, both of which are located a few miles south of Santa Barbara, California.
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For any questions, please contact the Office of Admissions at 805.879.7305
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Pacifica News

A Statement from Pacifica Graduate Institute Board of Trustees

The Pacifica Graduate Institute (PGI) Board of Trustees operates as a cohesive body to protect, maintain, and proactively pursue the mission and vision of our Institute. It recently came to our attention that the PGI Alumni Association (PGIAA) has made certain inaccurate and unsubstantiated claims, both publicly and by direct outreach to our student body,…

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Pacifica News

Announcing Pacifica’s New Provost & Vice President of Academic Affairs: Dr. Colin Marlaire

Dr. Leonie H. Mattison, Pacifica Graduate Institute’s President & CEO announces Pacifica’s new Provost & Vice President, Academic Affairs: DR. COLIN MARLAIRE.

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Pacifica News

Aesthesis: The Heart’s Response to Beauty, an Interview with Rebecca Sabine Ramsey

Rebecca Ramsey is a first-year student in the M.A. Depth Psychology and Creativity with Emphasis in the Arts and Humanities Program. She is also an acclaimed violinist. We’re delighted to speak with her about her work.

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Pacifica News

Pacifica Graduate Institute invites you to the June Mixer

Pacifica Graduate Institute invites you to the June Mixer on Thursday, June 6th from 5:00 to 7:30 PM PT at our Lambert Rd. Campus.

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Pacifica News

Where Science Meets Soul: An Interview about Jungian Psychology and ADHD with Rebecca Stein, Part II of II

Rebecca Stein is a therapist with a practice that helps women build resiliency, focusing on ADHD and chronic pain. She is also a first first-year student in our Depth Psychology with Specialization in Jungian Psychology and Archetypal Studies (DJA) Ph.D. program. We’re delighted to speak with her about her professional experience and her first year at Pacifica.

Graduate Programs

Pacifica’s unique mission primarily attracts innovative and creative working professionals who are interested in a rigorous intellectual experience that connects with their souls and positively transforms how they see the world. A Pacifica graduate degree equips them for the vocation they feel called to, whether to enhance what they are already doing or equip them for new and additional work in the world.



Immerse yourself in Pacifica’s transformative learning community through a retreat program, professional training, or cutting edge conference featuring leaders in the depth psychological and healing traditions.

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