Dissertation Title:

Sojourner Truth’s Presence as a Prophetic Voice in Depth Psychology


Sharon Myers

Date, Time & Place:

August 18, 2021 at 10:00 am


The purpose of this research was to examine available texts to discover the African American, former slave Sojourner Truth’s prophetic voice in depth psychology. A hermeneutic approach to the categories of Sojourner Truth’s religious dimension of the psyche, Sojourner Truth and individuation, and aligning Sojourner Truth with depth psychology were used in this qualitative study. These categories were chosen, and the research was arranged in this manner to amplify the scope and gravity of Truth’s leanings and utterances. The results of this research indicate that unlike the beliefs about difference left behind by Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, it is important to realize that the African American vitality of Sojourner Truth is ever-present in the science of depth psychology. Considering this analysis, modeling inclusion gives rise to uniqueness and individual value to those in the psychological sphere who may not have felt accepted as a part of the community. With time and experience, expanding on the research should bring additional clarity as it taps into that reservoir of understanding that is not always discernible at first glance, displaying an African American feminine voice in depth psychology who came before and exemplified the qualities of compassion and empathy leading to greater healing, wholeness, and fulfillment.

  • Program/Track/Year: Depth Psychology Psychotherapy, T, 2019
  • Chair: Dr. Fanny Brewster
  • Reader: : Dr. Christine Lewis
  • External Reader: Dr. Khadijah Bright
  • Keywords: Sojourner Truth, African American, Depth Psychology, Inclusion, Scholar, Indigenous