Dissertation Title:

Unveiling Fractal Layers of Past Lives: A Search for Dormant Archetypal Potential


Cai (Maria) Carvalhaes

Date, Time & Place:

February 2, 2024 at 2:00 pm


This study is an exploration, primarily in a therapeutic context, of the awakening of apparently dormant archetypal potentials through the anomalous phenomenon of past-life hypnotherapy in an attempt to heal trauma from present and past lives. Although past lives are now well documented in depth psychological literature, the topic remains a polemical subject in academia. The research employed a hermeneutic phenomenological methodology. In-depth interviews were conducted with six participants, who are all health practitioners working in various fields and identify themselves as wounded healers. All participants have some knowledge of complexes and archetypes. During this study, a fractal model for depth psychological research on past lives was created. This model includes a fractal spiritual ontology, a fractal epistemology for past lives, a vertex T-square fractal model for the literature review, a fractal flower-of-life research design, and a fractal past-life journey. The findings suggest that recognition of past- and present- life complexes through unveiling the fractal layers of past lives via hypnotherapy offers resolution to persistent obstructions caused by trauma and possibilities to explore human potentialities through the awakening of archetypal potentials. This study introduces a new healing modality in the field of psychology named potential awakening, whereby past- life regression becomes a tool for therapists to help patients activate archetypal potentials, integrate complexes associated with trauma, and achieve healing on the individuation journey. The study concludes with suggestions for further research to explore the efficiency and benefits of this practice.

  • Program/Track/Year: Depth Psychology with Specialization in Integrative Therapy & Healing Practices, H, 2019
  • Chair: Dr. Lionel Corbett
  • Reader: Dr. Ginger Swanson
  • External Reader: Dr. Anahy Fonseca
  • Keywords: Archetypal Potentials, Anomalous Phenomenon, Past-life Hypnotherapy, Complexes, Fractal Model, Potential Awakening