Ifat Peled

Ifat Peled


  • Ph.D., Clinical Psychology


  • Registered Psychologist, CA

Ifat is a licensed clinical psychologist and an Egala certified equine assisted therapist working in private practice in the Los Angeles area, California. Dr. Peled served as a faculty at Burlington College, Vermont, where she taught Human Development, Adolescence Development and Psychopathology from a depth perspective. She taught various courses in psychology at the psychology department of College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita. She helped develop a psychology course for the Studio School for film and the performing arts in Los Angeles. She is currently teaching in the M.A. and Psy.D. Counseling Psychology department at Pacifica Graduate Institute.

Dr. Peled has given presentations and led training workshops on such topics as eroticism, working with the unconscious in the therapy room, transference and countertransference, personality disorders, creativity, and working with dreams. She is a supervisor at Counseling West, a mental health community clinic in Sherman Oaks. Dr. Peled has been involved in education for many years and served as a board member in the Board of Trustees of Highland Hall, Waldof School, offering education based on the philosophies of Rudolf Steiner and Carl Jung. She contributed her published review to the textbook for university students by Myers & DeWall’s, Psychology in Everyday Life, 4th edition, specifically the section on therapeutic modalities.

Her research interests include understanding and treating trauma and personality disorders from a depth perspective, and understanding human experiences from a cultural and neurological perspective. She is interested in using depth methods to reconnect the soul and spirit back to the collective, nature, and wildlife. She is the founder of Olam Eco Center, a nonprofit organization offering treatment for mental illness and substance abuse by tending to nature through education, wildlife rehabilitation and nature conservation projects.