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NASFAA Code of Conduct for Institutional Financial Aid Professionals

An institutional financial aid professional is expected to always maintain exemplary standards of professional conduct in all aspects of carrying out his or her responsibilities, specifically including all dealings with any entities involved in any manner in student financial aid, regardless of whether such entities are involved in a government sponsored, subsidized, or regulated activity.

In doing so, a financial aid professional should:

  • Refrain from taking any action for his or her personal benefit.
  • Refrain from taking any action he or she believes is contrary to law, regulation, or the best interests of the students and parents he or she serves.
  • Ensure that the information he or she provides is accurate, unbiased, and does not reflect any preference arising from actual or potential personal gain.
  • Be objective in making decisions and advising his or her institution regarding relationships with any entity involved in any aspect of student financial aid.
  • Refrain from soliciting or accepting anything of other than nominal value from any entity (other than an institution of higher education or a governmental entity such as the U.S. Department of Education) involved in the making, holding, consolidating or processing of any student loans, including anything of value (including reimbursement of expenses) for serving on an advisory body or as part of a training activity of or sponsored by any such entity.
  • Disclose to his or her institution, in such manner as his or her institution may prescribe, any involvement with or interest in any entity involved in any aspect of student financial aid.

For more information please see NASFAA’s Statement of Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct for Institutional Financial Aid Professionals.

The Financial Aid available to Pacifica students is determined by applicable government regulations. The financial agreement between Pacifica and its students is stated in signed Tuition and Fee Agreements. The Pacifica Graduate Institute Course Catalog is the authoritative source of information concerning the Institute. If there are any questions about the description of Financial Aid at this web site, or discrepancies between this information and that stated elsewhere, the information contained in the government regulations, the Tuition and Fee Agreement, the Pacifica Catalog and the Pacifica Guide to Financial Aid brochure take precedence. A Catalog or other information regarding Pacifica’s programs may be obtained by contacting financial_aid@pacifica.edu or admissions@pacifica.edu