2023 Thesis Presentation Day


The Counseling Psychology Department looks forward to hosting its annual Thesis Presentation Day on Friday, May 26th. This meaningful event provides an opportunity for graduating students of the MA Counseling Psychology program present their thesis research work to fellow classmates, loved ones, faculty, staff, and the larger Pacifica community. Through this work, students have the opportunity to showcase their research findings and experiences throughout the multi-year thesis process. This event is always an important ritual experience, and it is our honor to witness our graduates as they present their research work.

Thesis Presentation Day will take place on Pacifica’s Ladera Lane campus throughout the day, from approximately 9 am – 5 pm. A concurrent option via Zoom will be available for guests who are unable to attend in person or prefer to join remotely, and a detailed program of times and presenters, and Zoom registration links, will be provided in the coming weeks.

About the Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology Thesis Process

Research and writing are two ways among many of finding meaning within and conferring meaning on experience. These fundamentally human activities can be deeply imaginal and intuitive. In research and writing, we seek to uncover the deep truth of the human condition. Within the context of the Institute’s guiding vision, students are encouraged to select a research question they wish to explore in depth through the vehicle of the thesis.

Towards this end, the student is asked to:

  • pursue an area of individual interest relevant to marriage and family therapy, professional clinical counseling, and depth psychology (e.g., therapeutic issues, psychological motifs, clinical procedures);
  • ground this particular area of interest in a conceptual framework (e.g., background information, findings, concluding evaluation);
  • demonstrate competency researching a specific area and expressing ideas with clarity and precision.

The MA Counseling Psychology thesis is the culminating expression of students’ graduate course of study and provides a forum for contributing back into the larger community the knowledge that students have gained during their educational experience.

Download images from the 2023 Thesis Day here.