Grace, Grit, and Gratitude

Pacifica Graduate Institute Alumni Association Gala to honor Dr. Stephen Aizenstat and benefit Scholarship Fund on October 8, 2022

Pacifica Graduate Institute Alumni Association (PGIAA) is excited to announce “Grace, Grit, and Gratitude” a Gala Celebration honoring Dr. Stephen Aizenstat, Founder and Chancellor Emeritus of Pacifica Graduate Institute, on October 8th.

As the founding President of Pacifica Graduate Institute Dr. Aizenstat has devoted his life to expanding the field of Depth Psychology. The study focuses on dreams, images, and interpersonal engagements to understand the langu

age and the dynamics of the unconscious as it manifests in the conscious mind.
“Professor Aizenstat is a visionary, a pioneer, and his work has brought new ways in helping people heal,” said Dr. Thyonne Gordon, Chair of the Board of Trustees at Pacifica Graduate Institute. “He has always been committed to inspiring not only students, but our entire community. We are so pleased to honor him with this tribute.”
Proceeds from this special celebration will support the PGIAA Scholarship Fund and their community-wide partnerships and endeavors.

“Our shared memories and passion for the success of the Association unites us. PGIAA’s activities support its goals of honoring the Pacifica traditions, enhancing alumni experiences, and advancing scholarship opportunities that benefit students and the community at large,” says Dianne Travis-Teague, Senior Director of Pacifica Graduate Institute Alumni Association.

The celebration kicks off at 5:00 pm with cocktails and live jazz from Perk’s Works Quartet in the beautiful Discovery Pavilion at the Santa Barbara Zoo. A stellar dinner from Events by Rincon will be served, followed by a lively roast of Dr. Aizenstat emceed by Geoff Green, CEO of the Santa Barbara City College Foundation.

“We invite all Pacifica alumni/ae, friends, and community members to join in this celebration honoring the contributions that Dr. Aizenstat has given us,’” states Travis-Teague.

Stephen Aizenstat, Ph.D.

World-Renowned Professor of Depth Psychology, Imagination Specialist, Entrepreneur, and Founder of Dream Tending and Pacifica Graduate Institute

Stephen Aizenstat, Ph.D., has devoted his life to understanding the profound wisdom and healing power that exists within each of us. Through our dreams and imagination, we are able to access limitless creativity and innovation, improved relationships, and ultimately our human potential.

“I believe that the DNA of our individual and planetary evolution is coded in the images of dreams. Combine this conviction with the idea that dream images not only live within us, they also exist all around us, in every animal, plant, and object of this world. Our dream images give meaning to our life’s story—the journey of who we are and who we are becoming.”

Within such a setting, Professor Aizenstat pioneered his revolutionary, patented Dream Tending approach, a proven system based on four decades of rigorous scholarship and practical applications road-tested with students, clients, and global workshops.
Professor Aizenstat’s Dream Tending methodologies have helped thousands of people to unlock their creative potential, increase intellectual and emotional bandwidth, and realize personal and professional goals.

“Dream Tending asks us to experiment with a worldview that playfully and soulfully sees the world as alive and always dreaming . . . within an attitude of wonderment, curiosity, and presence.”