Growing Older: A Process of Deepening with Best Selling Author, Thomas Moore

What you will receive

  • 4 Live Webinar Sessions with Q & A
  • 4 Links to the Recordings
  • 4 CEC’s

Course Description

Join celebrated author, Thomas Moore, in this four week webinar series, that will help you imagine your live not as a long, steady unraveking of years, but as a series of passages and turning points that demand courage and intelligent compassion. Drawing from the material in his two latest books, Soul Therapy and The Eloquence of Silence, this course integrates depth psychology, philosophy and spirituality to offer specific practices for approaching aging with purpose, resilience and joy. Through Moore’s teachings and engaging discussions, you’ll gain insights into building resilience and adapting to the inevitable changes that come with age. Explore strategies for maintaining emotional well-being and fostering a deeper connection to a resilient mindset. Gain the tools to develop a deeper connection with yourself and embrace aging as a pathway to wisdom and fulfillment.

This Course is Ideal If:

  • You or someone you love is navigating the aging process
  • You are interested in a depth psychological approach to a positive philosophy of aging
  • You would like to learn ways to prioritize caring for soul as part of aging gracefully
  • You are interested in the Eastern concept of emptying out as a liberating practice in the journey of aging

Course Overview:

Week 1.  AGING IS BECOMING A COMPLETE PERSON.  Aging is not the same as growing old. It is becoming a complete, mature human being over time, so that we age at every stage of our lives. We age by going through transforming experiences, some joyful and some painful.  Life is a series of initiations into soul, going deeper as we encounter life’s passages.

Week 2.  CHALLENGES IN GROWING OLD.  The obvious challenge is loss of physical strength and capacity, but we also lose some mental agility.  We can adjust to these with a positive philosophy of aging and by adapting our way of life to being older. Depth psychology speaks of an Eternal Youth (Puer) and Eternal OLd Person (Senex). Timeless youth can keep us young in spirit, though it has to be well adapted to old age.  Being old and being young at the same time can keep happiness alive at any age.

Week 3.  EMPTYING OUT.  In the East one key teaching is the positive power of emptiness in daily life.  This practice is good at any age but especially as we grow older.  We may be forced to thin out our way of life or we may choose to do it as a way to be free.  Emptiness in all aspects of life can bring the joy of liberation and the lifting of burdens.  This week we explore many ways to make life less burdensome and busy, as a way of gracefully growing older.

Week 4.  LIVING MORE LIGHTLY.  Emptiness can mean taking things more lightly.  Not judging ourselves and others so much. Developing a sense of humor. Enjoying easy moments with friends and intimates.  Learning things that are important to the soul, like music and the other fine arts, or the spiritual teachings of the world. Reading thoughtfully (lectio divina) and learning how to be refreshed and comforted in the natural world. Aging asks for a somewhat different lifestyle that cares for your soul and not just your body.

By the End of This Course You Will Be Able To:

  • Conceptualize later life as a series of passages and turning points
  • Integrate depth psychological concepts to develop a positive philosophy of aging
  • Incorporate the Eastern concept of emptiness as an adaptive attitude for gracefully growing older
  • Identify specific practices for caring for the soul as part of the aging process