Pacifica Statement on the Situation in Ukraine

Dear Pacifica Community,

On behalf of Pacifica Graduate Institute, I express deep sadness and profound concern for the sovereign nation of Ukraine. Ukraine’s people want to decide their own destiny. The tremendous suffering being inflicted on the Ukrainian people is unwarranted, unacceptable, and wholly undeserved. We stand and join much of the world community in deploring the senseless suffering of this unjust war, echoing the international community’s calls for de-escalation and an immediate resolution of hostilities.

We join and support the initiative of the Coalition of College and University Presidents on this matter:

Coalition of Over 500 College and University Presidents Calls on Secretaries Mayorkas and Blinken to Designate Ukraine for TPS and Special Student Relief – Presidents’ Alliance (

To fully realize the depth psychological education offered by Pacifica, freedom from oppressive constraints, internal or external, is required. Imagination and creativity thrive best in an environment free of coercion. Our diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives embody this liberation from constraint. Thus, at a core level we feel solidarity with the Ukrainian people in their desire to retain their freedom and national agency .

We recognize that students, faculty, and staff may be affected by the conflict. Please know you are not alone, and we have support resources available. For those who would like assistance and to speak with someone about this or any matter in which they need support in managing these challenging times, please do not hesitate to reach out to a PGIAA CareLine representative at (805) 679-6163. The CareLine is open to anyone and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week (see attached card).



Joseph Cambray, Ph.D.