M.A./Ph.D. in Mythological Studies with Emphasis in Depth Psychology

The Mythological Studies Program is the only doctoral program in the country dedicated to the understanding of human experience through the interdisciplinary and multicultural investigation of the manifold links between myth, ritual, literature, art, and religious experience. Graduates have utilized their training in virtually every profession, including education, psychotherapy, the arts, religion, politics, business, and community and environmental affairs. Special emphasis is given to religious studies, literary, and depth psychological modes of inquiry. Fostering the confluence of scholarship, self-inquiry, and the cultivation of the imagination, students engage in transformative learning and acquire a skill set required for engaging the myriad complexities of the postmodern world, during times of rapid cultural change and transformation.
Our unique faculty of distinguished scholars and inspired teachers attracts artists, writers, musicians, film-makers, animators, game designers, teachers, psychologists, pastoral counselors, executives, lawyers, and life-long learners who seek to understand and express the depths of the psyche, and whose lives and careers have been substantially enriched—and often radically transformed—by the power of myth.
Joseph Campbell taught us that myth has the power to touch and exhilarate the deepest creative energies of the psyche, and to generate symbolic images that confer shape and significance upon what often seems the chaotic anarchy of contemporary life and history. The personal engagement of those energies in the transformative experience of deep reading, writing, and discussion is the essence of our program. To transmit that joy to the next generation, in challenging times of radical change; to tend the soul that animates the world; and to continue the inspired quest for myths to live by—these are responsibilities that fuel our passionate engagement in mythological studies.
Mythological Studies is interdisciplinary and multicultural in its scope and depth. It is an interpretative art that thrives on paradox, ambiguity, and the shape-shifting ways in which symbol and metaphor inform and transform our lives. The program especially emphasizes the interpretative modes of depth psychology and the influential work of Sigmund Freud, C. G. Jung, Marie-Louise von Franz, James Hillman, and Joseph Campbell.
Discerning patterns in the world’s cultures, we recognize our shared humanity while honoring the diverse ways in which human beings live and make meaning of their experience. The mythic imagination provides a capacity for self-understanding—the myths that each of us live by personally—as well as an understanding of cultures and traditions. Students discover recurring mythic themes in classic and contemporary literature, ritual, folklore, theater, art, music, and film, while recognizing cultural, socio-political, and historical contexts. Fostering the confluence of scholarship and imagination, the program also invites students into the art of writing.
Occupations of our graduates include, but are not limited to, the following:

Professor                                                                     Academic Publishing

K-12 Teacher                                                              Magazine Editor

College and University Administrator                        Director of Research Archives

Environmental Educator                                             Librarian

Psychotherapist                                                           Webmaster

Social Worker                                                             Theater Arts

Hospital Chaplain                                                       Musician

Pastoral Minister                                                         Organizational Consultant

Non-Profit Director                                                    Human Resources

Feature Film Screenwriter                                           Business Management

Screenplay Editor                                                       International Tour Guide


Joseph Campbell Scholarship Program

The Joseph Campbell Scholarship Fund is for the M.A/Ph.D. Mythological Studies Program. A number of the scholarships are offered to newly admitted students in the Mythological Studies Program based on extreme financial hardship, academic merit, and content of essay.

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