M.A./Ph.D. Program in Depth Psychology Specialization in Somatic Studies

The emerging paradigm for the 21st century requires visionaries who can work across professional and disciplinary boundaries to fully embody a holistic approach to solving real world problems.

Pacifica's Somatic Studies Specialization is currently accepting applications for Fall, 2016.


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Depth Psychology - Somatic Studies

The Somatic Studies Specialization is uniquely grounded in the tradition of depth psychology with its emphasis on the unconscious, imagery, archetypes, meditation, and dreams. From that ground, the program explores the intersections between body and psyche, connects image to sensation through active imagination, and follows the dance of our dreams. Students study the body's role in the process of individuation, and consider how physical symptoms may speak for the soul.

From a somatic perspective, bodily experience is related to physical health, interpersonal and interspecies relationships, social and cultural contexts, spirituality, and the environment. The program incorporates an interdisciplinary range of practices and perspectives, including neuroscience, integrative medicine, shamanic traditions, and cultural studies. Students are drawn from similarly diverse backgrounds, including counseling, health care, and body work.

Graduates of the Somatic Studies Specialization work at an advanced level in their chosen fields, for example, becoming trainers or supervisors in education, social services or health care. Other students publish books, start community non-profits, or develop consulting practices. Graduates may also choose to pursue academic careers, teaching in higher education or engaging in post-doctoral research. Each in their own way, students bring a highly developed understanding of the body/psyche intersection to the work they choose to pursue.

Students in the Somatic Studies Specialization

Through rigorous, engaged scholarship, Somatic Studies students learn how to think deeply through and with the body, develop skills that strengthen their effectiveness as teachers and practitioners, and engage in transformative practices and fieldwork with the potential to change how we live in the world. Students will:
  1. Read, interpret, and critically reflect upon the theories and traditions of depth psychology, remembering the body and recalling its voice.
  2. Develop the capacity and skill to maintain awareness of and connection to the unconscious.
  3. Learn techniques and practices of dream work, body movement, and active imagination as healing practices.
  4. Develop literacy in the emerging domain of neuroscience as it applies to depth psychology and the mind/body connection.
  5. Develop skills in research and writing that support their efforts to articulate and promote new theoretical directions and practical applications.
  6. Participate with like-minded scholars and healers in an emerging field of study.
  7. Create a professional portfolio to enhance existing career skills.
  8. Engage in transformative practices and fieldwork projects with the potential to change how we live in the world.
"I am the poet of the body. And I am the poet of the soul." ~ Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

Marion Woodman Scholarship

The Marion Woodman Scholarship Fund is for the Somatic Studies Specialization of the M.A./Ph.D. Depth Psychology program. A number of scholarships are offered to newly admitted students in the Somatic Studies specialization based on extreme financial hardship and strong academic excellence.

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