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  • Ideal for: students in entrepreneurial or organizational settings wanting to develop tools for change that incorporate body and soul.
  • Coursework includes: Embodied Depth Group Work, Relational Embodiment.
  • Possible fieldwork projects: Embodied Leadership Training.
  • Possible dissertation research: cultivating embodied agency through equine-assisted learning.

Health & Wellness

Counseling & Psychotherapy

  • Ideal for: students practicing as licensed counselors or psychotherapists wanting to specialize in somatic depth psychotherapy.
  • Coursework includes: Embodied Depth Group Work, Marion Woodman and the Jungian Tradition, Embodied Alchemy.
  • Possible fieldwork projects: specialized training in embodied depth psychotherapy, authentic movement.
  • Possible dissertation research: soul recovery in addiction treatment.


  • Ideal for: students working in educational settings who want to incorporate depth and somatic psychoeducational strategies into their teaching.
  • Coursework includes: Relational Embodiment, Embodied Depth Group Work, The Body in Literature.
  • Possible fieldwork projects: Embodied Peacemaking with Children.
  • Possible dissertation research: embodied depth experiences of immigrant college students.

Community Development

Somatic Movement (ISMETA)

  • Ideal for: students wishing to pursue registration as a somatic movement therapist or educator through the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA).
  • Coursework includes: inquire about current list of pre-approved courses that qualify toward independent track application.
  • Possible fieldwork projects: ISMETA modality training and supervision.
  • Possible dissertation research: Body Mind Centering and the embodied unconscious.

Expressive & Performing Arts


  • Ideal for: students pursuing a specific line of academic inquiry and professional development that is not captured through the other streams.
  • Coursework includes: dependent on the individual project or subject area interest.
  • Possible fieldwork projects: dependent on the individual project or subject area interest.
  • Possible dissertation research: embodied interspecies embodiment with rescue elephants.