Ph.D. in Depth Psychology with Emphasis in Psychotherapy


This doctoral specialization is designed to deepen and energize each student’s psychotherapeutic practice, as well as their own individuation work, so they can address a wide range of contemporary personal, social, and cultural issues.


Pacifica's Depth Psychotherapy specialization offers students the opportunity to engage in the exciting conversations taking place in the field of psychodynamic psychotherapy and gain clarity about their own unique psychotherapeutic approach. Depth Psychotherapy is based upon the premise that becoming an excellent clinician is a life-long process of personal and professional transformation, embodying C. G. Jung’s process of individuation. At its heart, there lies an intrinsic connection to the collective psyche that crosses the boundaries of separation, time, and culture.

In this program, each student develops the critical insights and skills of a mature 21st century clinician-scholar, guided by experts rooted in the rich traditions of Jungian, archetypal, and psychoanalytic psychologies. Clinical acumen is enhanced through a series of seminars, colloquia, and case consultations that challenge the heart, mind, and soul, in addition to direct engagement with interdisciplinary studies such as myth, literature, philosophy, music, culture, nature, and contemporary sciences like complexity theory and neurobiology.

Courses are offered in the following three areas:


This curriculum cultivates the intellectual and imaginal capacities to address a wide range of personal, social, and cultural challenges that are emerging in our complex world. Students also learn to sustain a profound reciprocal relationship with unconscious processes and deepen their ability to share complex emotional connections with others. Graduates are often drawn to work as clinical supervisors and to teach in college and university settings.

For information regarding Pacifica's Ph.D. Depth Psychology with emphasis in Psychotherapy program, please contact Alyson Alexander M.A., Senior Admissions Counselor, at 805.969.3626 ext. 305, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
"Psychotherapy should always be a craft of the heart more than of the head. A loving and containing presence will always have more curative effect than a well-crafted interpretation based on our theories. In that light, the core of all training is our continuing commitment to the adventure of self-awareness. "—Allen Bishop, Ph.D.
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