Ph.D. in Depth Psychology with Specialization in Integrative Therapy and Healing Practices

An innovative doctoral specialization that re-imagines approaches to therapeutic practice, enhances and supports the individuation work of students, and integrates the essential perspectives of depth psychology and applied healing traditions.

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and Healing Practices (2 mins.)

About This Program

This doctoral specialization cultivates an integrative approach to professional development in the art and science of therapeutic practice. Working with leading faculty, Pacifica students engage in a journey of personalized education that fosters advanced therapeutic skills and practices, and which supports them in making important and original scholarly contributions to their fields.

For established and emerging practitioners, we invite you to join a diverse group of academic and practice-oriented professionals who are called to deepen their therapeutic work through an integrative study of healing based on the visionary aspects of depth psychology. Become a part of a learning community focused on exploring the critical connections between psychology, spirituality, and healing.

We welcome students with a deep personal calling to their therapeutic work, individuals with profound curiosity about themselves and the world, and lifelong learners devoted to a transformative engagement with the numinous, the psyche, and the natural world.

In three-day residential learning retreats surrounded by the natural landscape of Pacifica's Lambert campus, students and faculty work together to integrate essential healing traditions and contemporary research—drawing from indigenous and ancient practices, multicultural and contemporary perspectives, and emerging science on human experience and consciousness.

For Diverse Practitioners

The Ph.D. in Depth Psychology with Specialization in Integrative Therapy and Healing Practices requires master's-level education and training in a distinct healing-oriented profession. The program is ideal for diverse practitioners in the following professions, including (partial list):

  • Psychotherapists and Psychologists
  • Marriage and Family Therapists, Social Workers, and Professional Counselors (licensed or pre-licensed)
  • Health and Medical Professionals (Nursing, Physicians, Allied Health Providers)
  • Jungian Analysts and Psychoanalysts
  • Specialized Addiction and Treatment Counselors
  • Expressive Arts Therapists
  • Spiritual and Pastoral Counselors
  • Health and Wellness Practitioners with Advanced Training
  • Other Qualified Consultants and Counselors

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Students develop important mentoring relationships with Pacifica's unique faculty of clinicians and scholars that include: Jungian analysts, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, psychodynamic therapists, systems therapists, archetypal psychologists, spiritual counselors, health and medical professionals, and advanced scholars in research, mythology, and the humanities.


This academic specialization includes two and a half years of coursework, followed by writing an original dissertation emanating from the student's own selected area of research interest. Students in this program:

  • Join an advanced doctoral cohort of diverse professionals collaborating and deepening their work with clients and themselves.
  • Explore the growing field of depth psychological research and develop perspectives that help address the critical needs of our world.
  • Develop a greater capacity to work symbolically with images, dreams, symptoms, complexes, and synchronicity.
  • Work towards becoming advanced practitioners, academic educators, supervisors, or scholarly researchers in the field.
  • Examine the critical underpinnings of therapeutic processes and the broad range of theoretical approaches to mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.
  • Build mentoring relationships with distinguished faculty and experts devoted to supporting students in deepening their practice and their individuation journey.
  • Study the works of leading scholars who have bridged psychological, cultural, mythological, historical, and social traditions to advance broader understandings of human experience.
  • Develop advanced skills in important practice areas, such as somatic healing, sexuality, dream work, and spirituality.
  • Investigate the important connections between the health of an individual or group and the health of their environment and culture through courses that consider ecology, collective trauma, social justice, and cross-cultural dynamics.

For information regarding Pacifica's Ph.D. in Depth Psychology with Specialization in Integrative Therapy and Healing Practices, please contact Alyson Alexander M.A., Senior Admissions Counselor, at 805.879.7307, or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For Academic Program Information CLICK HERE. All of Pacifica Graduate Institute's degree programs are accredited by the Western Association of School and Colleges (WASC) and the Department of Education to offer financial aid.
*Pacifica does not provide the supervision of practice hours that may be required for licensure or any similar purpose. Students must provide for their own insurance coverage for professional liability. This curriculum does not contain any license-specific coursework and should not be considered as helpful in that regard. Furthermore, although students will engage in some form of therapeutic practice while in this specialization, and may consult with faculty about their practice, Pacifica does not authorize, monitor, or supervise that practice for licensure purposes, nor do we arrange or administratively support traineeships, pre- or post-doctoral internships, or other licensing practice requirements. The curriculum may vary depending upon changing academic needs. Selected courses may have online components. The required two-year dissertation period, following coursework, focuses on scholarly research and writing.

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