Library Disability Services

The Pacifica Library offers a number of resources and assistive technologies for those with learning or mobility challenges. This page outlines the general services we offer, though we encourage anyone with specialized needs to contact staff members for personal assistance.

Accessible Stations

The Lambert Library provides a wheelchair-accessible computer and learning station. From this terminal, all library resources may be accessed including the library catalog, the library's subscription databases, productivity software, etc. Additional components include speech recognition software, specialized screen-reading software, headphones, microphone and accessible keyboard. This station is located in an accessible room that can be closed from the rest of the library for those with attention sensitivities, requiring reduced audio-visual stimulation. This station is available exclusively to our patrons requiring additional accessibility features. A similar workstation is available in the Ladera campus computer lab, adjacent to the Ladera library.

Intel Reader

For individuals requiring assistance in reading from the general collections, the Library provides upon request an Intel Reader, which can convert captured pages into speech. This assistive device can also read additional text files transferred to the system, and is accompanied by headphones. Library staff are available to provide orientations, advice, and guidance on using this technology. Click here for more information on the Intel Reader. This resource is reserved exclusively for individuals in need of reading assistance.

Special Services

Library staff are available to attend to any patron in need of individualized assistance, as best as possible. Special requests related to issues of access may be submitted in advance to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or to any library staff member onsite during a visit. Requests for special services made while visiting the library will be accommodated as best as possible.