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OPUS Archives and Research Center forms a nucleus for the exploration of psyche and myth in the world.

Located on the campuses of Pacifica Graduate Institute

The mission of Opus Archives and Research Center is to preserve, develop and extend to the world the archival collections and libraries of eminent scholars in the fields of depth psychology, mythology and the humanities. Opus is a “living archive” and offers scholarships, research grants, educational programs, community events, and research access to the collections, both physically and digitally. Opus Archives and Research Center is a repository for rare and significant collections in the fields of mythology, archetypal psychology, and world culture. We extend the availability of these collections to students and scholars who express a keen desire to utilize them in contemporary research. We also facilitate grants to further research in these fields and the dissemination of scholarly work into the culture-at-large.

The work of Opus Archives and Research Center began with a generous gift. The Joseph Campbell estate entrusted the rich works of a scholar’s lifetime to this place so that they might be held, tended, treasured, and shared with others. Opus Archives and Research Center, then called the Center for the Study of Depth Psychology, was birthed from that gift. With gifts come obligations, and Opus is poised to meet them. As a not-for-profit corporation, the Center was established to serve as the steward for several precious collections to keep them safe, and allow for their use by those who wish to access them for expansion of their individual work into the world at large.

OPUS Logo - OPUS Archive and Research Center

For more information about the Opus Archives and research center, please visit www.opusarchives.org.

Opus Archives and Research Center also hosts the Joseph Campbell Mythological RoundTable, a montly discussion group in Santa Barbara.