Depth Psychology with Emphasis in Psychotherapy


Ph.D. in Depth Psychology Emphasis in Psychotherapy

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Pacifica is now accepting applications for fall 2014 in the Ph.D. Depth Psychology program with emphasis in Psychotherapy.

Pacifica's Depth Psychotherapy Program offers students the opportunity to engage in the exciting conversations taking place in the field of psychodynamic psychotherapy. The Institute has assembled an expert group of training and supervising analysts, drawn from the Psychoanalytic and Jungian traditions. They co-teach a series of practicums that promotes learning from experience with special emphasis on the embodied insights arising from the transferential field.

The overarching goal of the Depth Psychotherapy curriculum is to help students gain clarity about their own unique analytic approach and help them to develop the mental muscle needed to thrive in a profound reciprocal relationship with the unconscious. The program facilitates the development of an intuitive and imaginal intelligence coupled with a nuanced emotional connectivity.

In addition, Pacifica's commitment to interdisciplinary studies provides the foundation for students to expand their clinical sensitivity through the exploration of music, myth, literature, philosophy, culture, and the new sciences. Finally, Pacifica's vision of research fosters the development of the scholar-practitioner, who will conduct inquiry centered on the living psyche to expand the frontiers of a depth psychologically oriented psychotherapy that is inspirational and relevant to a multi-cultural world.

Courses are offered in the following three areas:

Ph.D. in Depth Psychology• Theory and Traditions of Depth Psychotherapy
• Psychotherapy Informed by the Humanities and Interdisciplinary Studies
• Integrated Praxis: Research and Casework

The curriculum is designed for students who have completed sufficient coursework for licensing at the master's level. This foundation allows for an emphasis on experiential learning supported by approaches to research which are similarly experiential and psyche-centered.

The Ph.D. in Depth Psychology with Emphasis in Psychotherapy includes three years of course work and the successful completion of an original dissertation.


Allen Bishop, Ph.D., Chair
The Depth Psychology with Emphasis in Psychotherapy

SUBJECT: Allen briefly talks about the curriculum of the Depth Psychology Program



The Guiding Ethos
The Depth Psychology with Emphasis in Psychotherapy

SUBJECT: In this video Allen Bishop, Ph.D. Discusses the Guiding Ethos of the Depth Psychology Program. The faculty believe in a clear mission that make the Depth Psychology Program unique.

The Depth Psychology with Emphasis in Psychotherapy

SUBJECT: Allen and Lionel discuss Bridging Analytic Traditions in Psychotherapy


Joe Coppin, Ph.D.
Core Faculty member
 Pacifica Alumnae
of the Depth Psychotherapy Program

"Psychotherapy should always be a craft of the heart more than of the head. A loving and containing presence will always have more curative effect than a well-crafted interpretation based on our theories. In that light, the core of all training is our continuing commitment to the adventure of self-awareness. "—ALLEN BISHOP, PROGRAM CHAIR