Office of the Provost – Faculty Development

The National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD) is an independent professional development, training, and mentoring community for over 90,000 faculty, graduate students, and professionals dedicated to supporting academics in making successful transitions throughout their careers.

  • Resources for greater success in publications.
  • Strategies that instill greater confidence as an independent researcher.
  • Tips for fostering better relationships with colleagues.
  • Increased interactions with mentors and collaborators.
  • Increased job satisfaction and the ability to truly fully enjoy the academic life you’ve worked so hard to create.

Institutional Membership

Annual subscription granting faculty, graduate students, staff, and alums access to this full suite of online support resources:
How to claim your Institutional Membership

  1. Go to
    Then select your institution from the drop-down menu and click “Continue.”
  2. On the institution’s landing page, click “Activate My Membership.”
  3. Complete a brief registration form using your institution’s email address.
  4. Open your institution email. Click “Activate Account” in the confirmation email.
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How to Thrive in Academia

NCFDD focuses on four key areas that help you achieve extraordinary writing and research productivity while maintaining a full and healthy life off campus.

1. Strategic Planning
Learn how to plan your academic year, your term, and your weekly schedule in a way that is aligned with your career goals.

2. Academic Productivity
Learn the skills and strategies that will help you to publish more research, win more grants, and manage your internal resistance to writing.

3. Healthy Relationships
Learn how to manage your professional relationships and build a thriving network of mentors, sponsors, and collaborators

4. Work-Life Balance
Learn how to reduce your stress, prioritize your self-care, and find balance in your personal and professional life

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Programs and Resources for Members

Core Curriculum
NCFDD’s Core Curriculum is designed to teach you the 10 key skills necessary to thrive in the Academy. We define “thriving” as having extraordinary writing and research productivity AND having a full and healthy life off-campus.

14-Day Writing Challenge
The 14-Day Writing Challenge is an opportunity for you to experiment with daily writing in a supportive community and a little dose of electronic love.

The Hidden Handbook
The Hidden Handbook is a new mini-series developed by NCFDD Academic Director Lisa Hanasono. In each webinar, Lisa will provide quick tips for success in a variety of areas across the academic sphere.

Guest Expert Webinars
We offer a variety of Guest Expert Webinars designed to meet the needs of faculty members, postdocs, and graduate students.

Multi-Week Courses
Our Multi-Week Courses are intensive series offered by expert facilitators to tackle the Academy’s most pressing challenges.

Dissertation Success Curriculum
The Dissertation Success Program is designed for doctoral candidates who are focused on finishing their dissertation. The program is built on the assumption that there is only one way to complete a dissertation: write it! Share with your students – They can create an account too.

Monday Motivator
One of our most popular resources, the Monday Motivator is a weekly email that provides positive energy, good vibes, and a productivity tip. Each Monday Motivator is a micro-learning opportunity to reinforce the ideas presented in our Core Curriculum webinars.

Private Discussion Forums

Professor-ing Podcast

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